Create Aesthetic Thralls. Funcom Please

I have building ideas to be creative and I can’t afford my own server and no to playing offline too likely to cheat. However my friend keeps killing thralls that are level 1 obviously these aren’t considered for fighting these are for like a bar and or dancer area in a arena for fighting.

I would like to see a possibility to convert thralls yet to be placed down aesthetic thralls that don’t count to the limit of thralls. But to maintain balance give these thralls the same timer as the building they are placed on so if someone is gone long enough they disappear as if they were the building itself.

I could do so much more fun things if not limited to a number of thralls.

Again, Aesthetic thralls unlimited amount converted from thralls yet to be placed and they have the buildings decay timer that they are placed on can be rescued for base changes but a different tab from thralls.

With this balance of a decay timer prevents just spamming them.
Rescued one’s can be relocated to a new home. Unlimited allows to have a fun functional environment to more life it makes feel real.

This is a better idea than most will think because how many rando buildings on official with literally No thralls, no true owner outside of the group name. They I am sure never show up but with these at least it would feel used and breathe some life in to the building.

Sorry if I repeat my self and spelling errors will be corrected along with wording. As my social skills are lacking in form of communication.


If you’re on PC, just about 99% of private servers will have the mod that lets you do that. So you don’t need to rent your own.


Playstation 5 sadly and sony is already stupid enough about mods given their dumb resistance to fallout 4 and skyrim, dear god they could be hacked! People hack them for the Sh** and giggles of it. Eventually they won’t have a choice once xbox goes full mods for all offline and co-op games.

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Of the modder created content, this one is extremely fond of the Thespians and would very much like to see them adopted into the core.
That said, there may be server load issues to contend with, especially if they are dressed up and taking scripted actions.


If this was added to the core that would be great as I want my structures to be more alive rather than dead and barren when people cross it.

Obviously, but dancers, people you can simply station behind a bar etc, this would at least breathe life in to buildings, they wouldn’t be meant to fight and as such not killable, even in PvP it wouldn’t die as it would be tied to the structures time for decay but if the structure was completely cleared then they would as well.

Lag and stutter would happen regardless of this or not not many people have builds (pc) that can handle some of these types of games with the sometime massively big buildings, it’s all due to rendering priorities and distance that should be able to be controlled by the players, personally my PS5 is able to handle this fine with huge structures, but oddly enough cannot handle wolf neck fur… so the wolf pets keep being a purple pixelated mess. But a huge building takes no time at all. It’s the way its unpacked, priorities, an rendering distance and the level of detail that the build (pc) or system can ultimately process.

Personally I wish they would fix all that and give the control to the players. I wouldn’t mind pushing my PS5 further in graphics a keeping rendering where it is if issues I would lower my rendering range by 2%



I’m starting to think that the main reason they don’t seem to want to implement aesthetic thralls is because they know people will abuse the shіt out of them for PVP defense.

Even purely aesthetic followers who don’t have any actual AI and only play emotes on the client are going to get abused by the same kind of people who abused foundation stacking and then came here to complain.

I can already imagine the arguments about how they don’t affect server performance and how it’s not my fault if someone is running on a potato and where do you draw the line and Funcom should just optimize the game and why was I banned unfairly and Funcom is killing this game and… :roll_eyes:

Still. Aesthetic followers. I want them in the base game :stuck_out_tongue:


That is one example of a problem that could easily be baked into the admin panel or server settings.
Allow thespians?
Leave it at no by default for PvP servers.


Honestly if they gave graphics levels and rendering distance and priorities this would be so amazing to me. I have a future post actually involving the rendering and issues of distance.


Agreed for PvP Servers as these aspects aren’t necessary for combat.


I thought I did seeba mannequin in the game though I will have to check later. Lol.

Unless you’re using mods, there are no armor stands or mannequins in the game.

Sounds like a terrible idea for official servers. It would cause excessive lag and I’m sure lots of protentional for exploits. Ideas like this are best left in single player or private, modded servers.

You know what’s sad? It’s not that you’re wrong. On the contrary, you’re depressingly right.

It’s just that we used to be different. An idea like this would come up and people would cheer it on and add their own embellishments and wishes to it.

Now? Everyone’s like “better not, it’s just gonna end up being crappy”. :frowning:


Weird, I am on console but I swear I have seen one maybe it was the target dummy. :sweat_smile: who knows.

How could this possibly be exploited to gain a benefit? An lag I get but if the rendering distance was in my control I could make this work so long as the yet to be rendered was a black silhouette.

Well obviously not official pvp servers but pve and pvc with a limit of how many I easily see the limit of 200 manageable as no one person would put all 200 a small tight area specially if they want to actually stay there constantly.

For starters, the same way torches can: spam a bunch of them to cause client-side lag and make your base harder to raid. Especially on consoles, where the hardware struggles to run the game as it is.

Then there are all the other (not-so-)little things PVP players come up with. If there’s any way to exploit aesthetic thralls, they’ll find it and exploit it. Want some examples? Here:

And yeah, I get that this is only a problem on PVP servers. Still, if they implement it and PVP players start abusing it, we’ll have to face yet another flood of “Funcom is killing this game by catering to PVE players”, or an even more popular variant “PVE players are killing this game”.

Even if they implement it so it’s disabled on PVP servers, you’ll still get complaints from PVE players who got banned and then insisted it’s not their fault that they spammed 400 of those in their base and everyone who tries to run by lags like crazy.

EDIT: That said, I still want the aesthetic thralls in the base game. I mean, the people who would abuse them in the ways I described above already abuse everything else they can. If we use those people to decide if Funcom should implement something, we might as well ask Funcom to stop updating the game altogether.