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I know the devs said they are thinking about implementing this in the future but if you are already holding count of how many thralls each solo person/clan has. It should be a very very minor task to put that number somewhere in your clan tab or if you don’t have a clan in your inventory. It’s nothing more then putting that number you already have in game into a visual label :S

my clan is big and we have existed for x (think 2) years now and we have no idea where we have putted all the thralls. At the very least I would like to know how many there still are that I still have to delete :confused:

Even tho we will lose about 400 thralls (yes we have existed for about 2 years and are a big clan >.<) I do like the update. Just don’t make this one of those half finished updates.


I’m okay with the suggestion. Note that mounts and pets in general will technically be counted as followers.
Do you want a seperate count for those displayed?

Minor features have a lower priority, so it may take a while for it to get added once the idea is accepted.

Sidenote: Consider that half-finished depends on your point of view. I’d recommend participating TestLive, it helps to resolve issues before the patch is released.


Honestly I don’t think I need a separate count for mounts and pets. Just 1 simple number that tells me how much I have in total of everything that is included in that thrall limit would be already enough for me.

It would help a lot in managing the clan. And especially in bigger clans you just have 5 thralls a person and everyone likes to gather pets and thralls of all kinds of races and genders. And also when you want both to defend your big base AND make some nice looking cosmetic buildings that look like bars, roman bath houses and other things that look better with thralls in them.

And you are indeed right that half-finished is just my personal view. Only if they are limiting something or putting a cap on something it is very handy to know how far you are until you hit that cap.

Like it’s nice to know how long it will take till your buildings will decay, or how much hp you have left until you die or how much capacity you have left until you become encumbered, or how much breath you still have left until you start drowning (if you get my point).

And thank you for the recommendation for the TestLive, I will take it into consideration :slight_smile:

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This is something that i assume would be implemented upon patch release. If we have max 100 followers we most deffinitely need a way to count total followers in a clan. Including ones still floating around the map from clan members decayed bases.

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That was exactly also my thought! But when I read the following post: LINK

It said the following:

Is there going to be a tab available in the inventory/anywhere where we can monitor and view how many thralls/pets the clan owns?

Answer by devs:

Not in this patch, but we have considered doing that in the future (for example, being able to view this through the Thrall Pot and Clan UI)

So, no they do not plan to do this upon patch release :frowning:

This is also the reason I made the post. Because I assumed this speaks for itself that it has to be implemented in the same patch the thrall limit will hit.

They totally have to add this with the update. The fact that they are even considering rolling it out after the fact blows my mind. They are going about this completely ■■■ backwards


count em at the thrall pot …what?

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