Please give us the ability to limit how many active thralls per clan instead of per person

Here is our scenario which our server owner / admin team would like to address, but currently cannot.

We limit max number 4 players per clan.
We limit max followers by allowing the 1 by default and then 1 more using the extended thralls mod, so players can have a total of 2 thrall fighters following them at any time + use of their mount.

The issue: we would like to find a way to limit how many “active” thralls a clan can have at any given time. IE: there may be 4 clan members online, but they can each have 2 combat thralls with them and if they all work together with other clan members, that is 8 combat thralls to take on content which trivializes content.

We are looking for a way to simply limit this to only allow 1 thrall each if 3-4 active clan members are on.

The reason for this, as we like to also cater to solo or 2 man groups and are trying to make things a little more balanced in terms of challenge and difficulty. I understand it’s impossible to keep things balanced as we would like, but any way for us to have more control over these settings would really help.

As things are now, we do not know of any way to set “max active thralls” per clan as this feature does not currently exist that we are aware of. We are asking for devs to consider adding this feature in.

Thank You

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Welcome to the Forum. So you are playing on a private server with mods doesn’t sound like anything Funcom can do for you. However there are several mod designers on the Forum.

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I haven’t heard of Extended Thralls. Do you mean Better Thralls by @Testerle?

This sounds like a feature request for the mod author. Have you tried contacting them?


This sounds like a very niche request so you may have to create your own server mod for that. I doubt Testerle will have any interest in implementing anything like that.


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