Thrall debugging

looking for a command, mod, or setting to do one of seveal things

  1. turn rescue timer to zero
  2. force thrall on the follower list to follow you
    3)teleport a thrall by force to my location
  3. other mods, commands, or settings to force a thrall glitched out underneath the map to me.

As of now ill spawn the equipment she had and then ill spawn her with the admin commands but ide prefer something quicker.

Welcome to the forums @WanderingTruncheon!

The easiest way would be to teleport to the location of the lost thrall and activate the ‘Ghost’ option from the admin panel, it’ll allow you to noclip through the gameworld and fetch your thrall.

oh so that’s what Ghost does. In Valheim it turns off aggro. Thanks Ill keep that in my back pocket for if it happens again

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