Thrall decay time now 1 day - what's happened?

logged on today, and all my thralls gone! timer now seems to be 1 day decay for thralls.

Looking for restoration of thralls asap, all my fighters, bearers, mounts…

If the decay rate is not adjusted to something that works, especially for solo players who do actually go on holiday, there’s just no point having any thralls or even playing.


No only You, most player on all regions and platform who was not in game durning last 20 hours lost all their followers.


It is happening to many players. I just logged on after just 2 days away & every one of my thralls & mounts have gone Almost all were L20 Berserkers, Dalinsias & some Lians. I think I had about 87 placed all wearing Redeemed Legion & Pictish Warchief Epic armour with Legendary weapons. 3700 hrs over 3 years.
This is on PC

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Same here, just logged in and all thralls, pets and mounts gone. Trying to stay calm, but WTF! Last loggin was 2 days ago. Need to give me back my stuff funcom.

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