All Official exiled land servers have thrall decay time set to 1 day

A friend hit me up, “better check your server, lost all my Thralls”.

So I did and found all my gone too
The log showed they disappeared the minute after I logged in. I was on just a few days ago. How could this be?

Server settings, decay, thrall decay set to 1 day.

This is a huge mistake.

Everyone, even if you logged in yesterday, if it’s been more than 24 hours, you have lost all your followers, and their gear.

If you were on last night and you still have your Thralls today, but you don’t log in again before 24 hours pass they’ll be gone.

This is the single largest most epic failure we have had to live through with this game.

I don’t want the person who made the mistake fired or anything - it should have been impossible to set the decay time that short in the first place.

I don’t expect funcom to fix this… But they could.

I mean servers could be restored from backup to the state they were in before this mistake, but I’ve never seen this corrective solution used before and I’ve been on since Xbox early access.

But what are we to do? The irreplaceable Thralls and gear I have just lost has me staggered.

It’s not as bad as if you had killed all my bases and storage, but this is the next worst thing you could have done.

I can’t even replace thralls with some I have in boxes because they will just disappear again every 24 hours…

Help me Obi-Crom Kenobi…

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Lost all mine too. This is messed up. All my thralls had gear on them and weapons too. Just lost it all. I’m on a PVE server.

Yeah i also lost all leveled and geared followers from few pve servers. Funcom probaly do nothing because they are incompetent.

I’ve just logged on and found all my thralls gone, including my bearers who had some really good gear stored for me! I’m gutted. I don’t see any incentive to play anymore. I play solo, other clan members dropped off, I’ve re-built my base numerous times following any holiday I take and as if that wasn’t bad enough to lose my thralls feels worse. I am not catching, levelling back up etc, just to be pressured into logging on every single day. I work - it’s not possible. I might be in the minority but I’d like to restore back to immediately before this decay timer was set and then change the timer to what it should be, just absolutely crazy.

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Same here on LATAM servers

Decay Timers were just adjusted from Summer Hours. Something must have gone wrong with the script that changes the .ini on servers.


This is horrendous. I feel so bad for anyone effected by this. And of course in the US it’s Labor Day weekend so a lot of players may be going out of town for the holiday (or just otherwise unavailable) and will think they’re safe because they refreshed right before leaving.


Please do reach out and tell any players you know. This has been part of my morning as my pancakes cool in the sideboard…

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