Thrall died when zoning from valcano to out side

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so I was in the volcano with a Thrall, I zoned out of the volcano at the entrance closest to the Obelisk and went back in… my Thrall was gone so I figured he would just port to me if I moved far enough back in and nothing. Checked event log and he died it said… There is nothing at that zone point that would kill him or me. almost had him to level 20 with some very nice gear on him now all that time and material wasted. My Daicas the Sharp, almost makes me scared to use them now because the game is running and glitching so bad.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Never take a thrall into the volcano. They a.i. walks into lava which 1 shots them.

Thralls do still path into lava, but it is no longer instant death for you or your thrall. Unless it got broken with the most recent patch.

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What? Holy hell I’ve been gone long. Il have to go play in lava.

Hi @jerj6925, welcome to the forums!

We’re aware of the current pathing and teleport issues with thralls and these are being looked into, apologies for the situation.

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Just don’t stay out to long, (Said in a Mom voice) :laughing:

Fiiiiiiine. Lol. No but seriously I had no idea. Glad they did something. I lost 2 t4 bearers back in the day when they where the best thralls in the game. I… I still remember it. The second time I has completely forgotten cause I was tired. I entered the volcano through the ymir temple side. I went to cross the bridge. I didnt see that my thrall was afraid of stairs… few seconds later… I got… the message.

Ive… I’ve never truly recovered. I think I had just finished farming star metal and there was a map room in the volcano. So much loss on that day.

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