Thrall disappeared and no corpse available

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Thrall and loot lost
Server type: PvE-Conflict 1037
Region: Europe

I was walking in the volcano with thrall fighter daicas the sharp and suddenly it disappeared.I was walking in a plain area without lava around and It disappeared. After a few second the thrall resulted DEAD and in the position on the map there wasn’t any corpse to get the loot back. I lost a thrall with a sword of crom farmed for weeks. This is really frustrating, losing thrall without a reason losing weeks of play game. Please give me another thrall or another sword of crom cause it’s really rare. If nothing happen i think i’ll leave the game.


I’ve lost two weeks of playing in 10 seconds without a reason. Probably for a bug, it’s the second thrall i lose. First was in the jungle. I think that with latest patch they added more bugs.

Thralls died in the volcano from lava since ancient times. Legend has it, there’s a million swords of crom in that lava and a million more to farm in unnamed city.

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Hey @Bullock

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
Unfortunately, we can’t provide a compensation for any loss of materials or thralls as Conan Exiles doesn’t offer an MMO-like support.

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The loss of a slave is nothing. It swings a few hours before level 20.

The problem is that i was in a zone without lava. Suddenly the thrall disappeared and after a few seconds died. After last patch meant to resolve some thrall’s problems there are more bugs. This game is like a pre-alpha one. Not a final version. It’s not possibile to play a game where you are always in danger of losing things in any moment cause bugs.

Bye conan exiles i’ll go on another survival.

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