Thrall disappears when following during teleport

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: America

If you have a thrall following you when you use the map room’s teleport ability, the thrall will disappear.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a map room.
  2. Collect, break, and place an entertainer thrall.
  3. Command the thrall to follow you.
  4. Use the map room’s teleportation ability.

Does this mean, that

  1. at the target location you are teleporting to, the thrall is not spawning


  1. after you teleport to your target location, the thrall is not visible anymore at the location of your map room (where you teleported from) and the thrall is not teleported to you target location?

If it’s #1, perhaps it is intended, that the thrall can not teleport and he/she is still standing at the location of your map room?

Number 2, gone from all existence. I had tried with a level 1 entertainer, thinking something could happen, teleported to an obelisk about 1 minute run from my base. He didn’t show there, I ran back, he wasn’t at base. I tried relogging in case he was stuck or the like, but he didn’t come back.

I’ll add that I just tested, and this same behavior happens when dragging an unconscious (and not yours yet) thrall and attempting to teleport, they disappear from the world.