Thrall fall thru ground if they bleed to death while knocked out

Game mode:Online private
Type of issue:Bug
Server type:PvE
Mods?: No

Bug Description: enemy thrall bleeds to death while knocked out, falls thru ground

Installed Mods:No

Steps to Reproduce:
Around location 79404, 284810 - at the Stygian Camp

  1. knock out an enemy thrall
    2.hit with a weapon that causes bleed stacks
    3.get them near death with enough stacks to make them bleed to death
    4.upon dying, fall thru the ground, can see them moving down and away

did not see this behavior at some other locations in that camp

Must be server related. Went to this camp, knocked them out all, no one died. (only bosses was harmed during the test :rofl:)

Tested in SP, no mods.

I have seen this happen quite a few times on multiple servers but I have not been able to reproduce it reliably. I usually relog and they pop back up to loot them.

yes I saw that, but afair they’ll be on ground where they sunk if you leave render range and get back

this may happen because they turn from ragdoll to static ones, just like teleporting with knocking out in exile lands and teleporting - some just phases tru ground. just look how it happens, when they bleed out they ‘‘change’’ textures, and in that nano second its enough them to phase tru ground if ground is flat without any rocks or so, yesterday i found one knocked out dancer under rock ( hammered it down ) also because NPC has not alowed to ghost tru walls but when they turn into ragdoll they can phase for that time when they change they well i dont know how in english it is but idea u all i hope understand…

was reproducible to me, did 4 in a row near that location. at other locations in that camp did not happen. i think as someone mentioned, needs to be clear ground, which it is where i was. i know you can relog or get out of range and come back and get to them. i would prefer a fix though so you don’t have to do that.

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