Thralls fall through the ground consistently

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Consistently even during a purge which caused the next wave not to come have thralls i have knocked out simply fell through the floor. Very frustrating when you find a named thrall and it falls into the lower hell box… It seems if a thrall is on a hill they will just phase through the ground but sometimes its just on a basic incline. A similar bug will also happen if you use admin teleport, sometimes you will just stand still in the gaping sky box for 30 minutes, but if you have someone who teleports with you they will just fall over and over and over keeping the loading times going, and forcing you to wait even longer for the world to spawn. This game is so fun, though certain bugs, and the lag that makes you teleport and die randomly will kill it if those issues are not addressed.

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  1. Knock out a thrall on an incline then be sad as they phase through the ground possibly requires server lag.
  2. To fix the bug just create a command for after a thrall gets knocked out, that it has a temporary invisible ground that it will fall on, or just make them fly vertically a little when they get knocked out.

I have been having that issue as well, presistently near waterside outside when farming for CAPTAINS and around the wardtowers constantly when going for t3 and t4 thralls… Whenever I knock out a thrall that is on a breakable\mineable rock it falls thru to the depths of hell. I lost soo many opportunities in collecting t4 thralls.

Until this gets fixed, IME if you exit to menu and then rejoin the server, you will almost always see the KO’d thrall lying right where they should have been. Hope this helps.


Also if you run out of render distance and then run back, sometimes they re-appear. I also get this when I kill thralls. If I kill more than 1, I almost always have the others disappear. I stopped looting corpses now. Not worth my time.

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My solution to wanting to loot thralls that are invisible/sunk into the ground when they fall dead is to use a religious tool to harvest the ground approximately where I think they have fallen… I know that I’ve found them when I get the item and some human flesh so I keep on harvesting until the loot bag pops up.
Even though all my alters are t3 and don’t need to make zeal, as they are light I can carry them and I can find a use for the religious items. (Snake arrow production for example.

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I do try and blindly loot where i think they fell that sometimes works. I also use my religious tool when trying that as well. But very good tip :slight_smile:

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback.

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