Thrall falls threw mesh and died

2nd post, 1st post has been ignored for a week… why don’t you have support tickets and GM’s funcom? because its easier to ignore the player base in the forums as your game dies?
If your not going to fix bugs then at least re-emburse players losses to this bug. or take funcoms usual response and tell the players to F-off

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Server #1945
My thrall attacked the green dragon in unamed city after 2 hits she was stomped through the mesh and i got a message “Dalincia Snowhunter died while following you” she was wearing full godbreaker with legendary weapon. can you please have thrall, weapon, armor returned to me.
This is of no fault of mine, this is a known issue happening to thousands of players…

Everyone knows the PAIN to find then level a Dalincia, then farm for full Godbreaker & proper legendary weapon,. is a daunting task
Then lose her first time out with new armor and weapom… please return to me is proper thing to do

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. discribed accuratly above as i can

Funcom stand behind and support your game, return peoples losses due to your bugs until you can fix it,
This doesn’t keep people playing by having them grind more,…it makes them go play other games, just look at your servers,. because they already grinded for this reward,. a sane person wont accept that kind of treatment and will move on… look at my play time, haven’t logged on for a week waiting for this to be fixed by returning my loss,. i will not log back on until then,…
There are 1,000,000 other games to play that will look after their players, it is ashame because i enjoyed and bragged about this game.

Maybe funcom is deliberately destroying its player base to have the game lose money for a tax right off? only thing that makes since

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I am sorry for your lost thrall but Funcom does not restore or refund any items regardless how they were lost.

You can report the bug and get a fix eventually but you won’t get your thrall back.

This works 2-ways I won’t support Funcom anymore either…
This among other reasons is why nobody plays this game.

This game is dead… *PROOF (simple google search)

Conan Exiles-

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|Last 30 Days 8,821
|February 2021 9,053
|January 2021 9,685
|December 2020 7,203.6

I agree entirely with your post and i 'd like to support you there. I am very sorry for your loss, though you can’t say funcom is doing all of that deliberately, they just lack the manpower to manage it accordingly.

Sure we know funcom won’t compensate what you lost, as if they do it once they shall do it all the time, BUT THEY SHOULD, AS LONG AS THEY ARE UNABLE TO FIX GAMEBREAKING BUGS.

With the current state of the game, especially concerning thralls our content is cut off by a lot.

  1. we cannot go fight rhinos and dragons with our beloved thralls, it’s pretty much a death sentence for them. No rhino king and no red mother.

  2. We cannot go explore any dungeons with loading screen upon entering with a follower because there is like 90% chances he will get stuck on any environemental item like a wall, a rock or some decoration stuff. This is less problematic outdoor but we don’t have any option to reposition our thrall when inside a dungeon. A “teleport to me” option might be a solution if you can’t fix it correctly.

  3. we cannot go into a dangerous fight relying on our thrall to help, as he may bug out completely in some cases, meaning we do less chalenging stuff and miss out on some content.

Again Mezrine i’m sorry for you, hopefully some players on your server will help you there. I know i would.

Thank you, that was a very nice reply,.

Another thing to point out is they DO HAVE the resources available to operate this game properly, fix bugs, support and listen to their player base but out of pure arrogance they don’t, we are just simply ignorant peasants outside their castle walls.

They proved this by coming out with isle of Siptah, spending all that time and energy to make a separate game, splitting us in half, emptying the servers even further, while they could have spent that time and energy FIXING & expanding the existing map, offering player support in form of GM’s and Tickets, Then making a public announcement about it all…

That would have brought players to the game in DROVES, returning players that left because of the bugs that were never fixed and new players that never bought the game because of negative reviews about the unchecked bugs and lack of player support.

But hey were just dumb ignorant peasants, how dare devs at Funcom with their royal bloodlines and superior intellect listen to us filthy peasants outside their castle walls.

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