Thralls Still Disappear into the Mesh When Knocked Out/Killed

Leaving and re-entering render range resolves the issue, most of the time.


Or return to main menu and get back the game. It is legacy thing sadly.


Yeah, I’ve lost 2 T3 Sorcerers because of this >.<

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Kinda, but not really. When you get a bunch of developers in the room and with the manager in charge of the project, and they have to plan out what they’re going to work on for the next two weeks, there’s always going to be more work than devs can do. So stuff to do gets ranked by severity, or priority, or whatever you decide to call it. Workaround lower that priority, that’s all. :man_shrugging:


If you’re referring to the flag, that wasn’t me. I don’t know who did it or why. IMO, there’s nothing flag-worthy in what you said there :man_shrugging:

Probably. That’s more than half the work involved in fixing a bug. And if the work on bugfix never gets prioritized because of, among other things, an easy workaround, they won’t find out what’s causing the bug, either. Unless they stumble upon it by accident, or someone gives them a bug report with a reliable repro, which is extremely hard for players to do.



Can you @Pugilist, @Aria, and @DelRioServerMaster provide more information about what you saw?
On which server or game mode did you experience the issue?

Also, was it a specific thrall or any NPC? Did you notice it more often in a specific location?
Would you be able to share a video with us?

We are trying to understand what’s involved when they are killed and when are knocked out.

We appreciate any further info you might have. :slight_smile:


I have seen this in PVE on Public, private, dedicated app, and solo games for years. It can happen when you are fighting any amount of thralls.

When knocked out, the thralls will fall through the mesh, becoming unretrievable. If another player is near, they may see the thrall while I do not. Leaving the area far enough to cause a re-render and returning often resolves the issue, but it can take multiple attempts for this to work and, at times, it just won’t.

The times it doe not work have been most prevalent in the Summoning Place when I have the Dafari Witch Doctor. If I have a Witch Doctor on bindings and release them to fight, the Witch Doctor disappears as soon as I am no longer looking directly at them.

With slain enemies, turning away from them can cause them to no longer be seen, though, if you pass where they fell, you can get a hit on their lootbag, loot the corpse, and harvest it.

I will record a few interaction to see if I can get this on video.

As indicated, the issue has been active for years, across gameplay and game type.


You can see it here at 13:26 or so. For me at any rate, this happens in 2.8 about 8 or 10% of the time in some areas and is usually after a thrall is knocked out - like here. In this video (TL 3.0) I’m killing it as it sinks in front of the camera - but usually I’m not also trying to kill them after knocking them out. Typically, to get them to reappear above ground you have run about 150 to 200m away (and out of sight of them). Upon returning they fall from about 5 or 10 meters in the air onto the spot where they would normally be had they not sank.

If it helps to reproduce or track down the bug, the locations where it’s the most common are usually within 30 to 50 meters of a body of water. Anyway here’s my example queued up to that timecode:


I’ve seen that not only in testlive also live servers. PvE EU on Testlive, PvE 1003 EL on live also PvE 6455 IoS. And all of them are official. And it is already known as a legacy bug. I see that 4 years ago and I still seeing that. And I cannot describe the place because I’ve been a lot of places and get a lot of thralls. That feels like their head or any part of their body stuck inside the “ground” after a powerful hit. Then they fell in to mesh. After return main menu and back they were lying on the ground looks like fixed. Or leaving place and return.

Also I’m thinking it is character based bug. I’m not sure how or why but after relog it looks “fixed” it feels like that bug connected to your character.


This has been an ongoing legacy issue for a couple of years. Dozens of bug reports have been made on it.

It happens every where, all the time, and with any thrall. Killing NPCs has the same issue. I has happened to me on every server, with every character. In fact this has been gong on for so many for so long it has become a joke. It’s probably one of the top 5 questions asked in game chat.


Latest instance: Ruins of Al’Merayah, Sorcerer III by the Sacrificial Stone, knocked out with an upgraded steel trunch - fell through the earth not more than a foot away from the stone as soon as he ragdolled. Single Player, Testlive.

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Português PT-BR

Eu gravei um vídeo e posso mostrar pois todos que jogam conan por mais tempo sabe de todos esses e acontece em servidor oficial e até mesmo em servidor solo o bug é o mesmo.
Tem um outro problema que acontece também quando usamos a sala do mapa o NPC que está na corrente some quando saímos do obelisco. Fica apenas a corrente em nossas mãos. Porém o NPC nocauteado aparece se continuar arrastando até a “roda da dor” mesmo sem ver ele. Vou gravar e postar aqui deve ajudar porém acho que esse bug em que estou falando seja outro. Repare que no vídeo abaixo também desaparece o Thrall soltei para mostrar que sim ele desaparece e quando vamos distante dele ao voltar ele aparece novamente. Esses BUGs já eram para ser resolvidos eu juntei todos que conheço com thrall nocauteados em apenas um vídeo rsrsrs :slight_smile:

Espero ter ajudado @Funcom_Community :+1:

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I’ve been having some of my thralls sinking into the square foundations for Frontier DLC items.


Yeah, that’s fairly common too. That happens to me occasionally in most of the building sets I build with. Usually they only sink waste deep so it’s not too much of a bother - usually.

I get this when I first log in, they eventually get pushed out. Burt not all the time.

Testlive US PvP Server - My thrall was walking through my square sandstone foundations.

Thank you all for the additional information. We sent all of it to our team for investigation.

We appreciate your efforts and support. Have a great weekend! :smiley:


I know this isn’t good, but I think you all know me by now.

Why all this interest in a legacy bug that has been around for years? I know I reported the bug early on. People have been griping about for a long, long time.

So much more I would like to say but the ice I am skating on is pretty thin.

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Because it’s still a bug.


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