Thrall fell through map and died

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Official server #3601
(My thrall fell through the map and died with my full godbreaker set

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Hello @Em012child, welcome to the forums!

We’ll need some additional details regarding the issue in order to determine possible causes, such as the exact location where it happened and under which conditions, such as whether it was following, guarding or engaged in combat.

So my thrall was following me at my base at E13 in the snow on the side of the volcano where i built. He was not engaged in combat at all as soon as i put a thrall in my wheel turned around the thrall that was following me teleported to me and fell through the ceiling of my base and theres alot of structure beneath it and somehow it said the thrall that was following you has died

Thank you for sharing additional details, we’ll register this occurrence for the developers to look into.

Would it also be possible for you to share a screenshot of the exact spot where you were when the Thrall teleported to you, so that it may further assist with the issue’s replication?

If you have time to get the exact coordinates, here is the how-to:

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