Thrall food request

Could we get some foods that offer a bonus growth rate to AGI and VIT or AGI and GRT please?

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At the very least.

I would also like to see more advanced recipes increase growthrates beyond 14% including to multiple stats. Give us a reason to cook more of those advanced foods.


I could get on board with that. Maybe even some recipes with fairly rare/hard to farm ingredients that give those nice big boosts. Heart of a hero soup anyone?

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And food should also function as potions do - put food item in thralls inventory, click use and get one hour buff to increase desired stat growth on demand - regardless of thralls current health.
And constant manual juggling with different food types must go away because constant thrall feeding with different foods only because one is giving the right stat while the other is healing for more is very tedious.
And there also should be thrall “heal up” command in the radial menu, making them consume healing items from their inventory, starting from left to right. With a simple press of a button all following thralls should use a bandage, then drink a potion and consume a meal (if one is put in the right most inventory slot).
And apart from usual diet there should be racial preferences when different races getting additional buffs if they consume their cultural meals.
And there should be bazillion more QoL improvements obvious to anyone who played this game for more then 10 hours, but for some bizarre reason are not at all obvious to those who design this game. :yawning_face:

Original post is completely viable, easy to introduce and the lack of grit ones is / was (dunno if it’s been changed) pretty much a bug / oversight

Taemien’s suggestion is easy to do as well and the systems for it are in place same as above

Now we’re going off to slightly “out of scope” requests. I mean no offense ofc, what I mean is that while the previous suggestions can be done like… instantly as it’s just editing values in a table, this one would require redesigning of certain systems and actual development.
Ofc it can be done… should they wish to do it, but it’s a lot of work for a very personal result.

Why? Because that will only matter while the thrall is leveling and it does not say anywhere that we must always min-max these chances or constantly switch to better healing food. Some might even prefer these extra steps as it makes them feel like they’re giving special attention to the training of said thrall and taking steps other don’t, but it’s not required for the most part and it’s absolutely a choice.
So ofc, it would be nice, I’m just not sure the work / benefit ratio is something Funcom would consider, though, you never know :slight_smile:

Now you’re just describing my silly mod :joy:

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