Thrall going into ground while fighting

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
US Official 3519

Its happened a few different times and against bosses that are big in size (Rhinos, Elephants, and dragons). When I take my thrall to fight a boss, the thrall inevitably gets pushed into the ground and gets stuck til the fight is over or I run far enough away to “pull” him out of action. The problem is he stops doing damage and the boss can’t hit him any more and then it just turns on me 100%. I, obviously, do not want this or think it was intended. Please check it out.

Thank You

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hey there @Huzzah

We’ve received a few reports about this issue in the past, but we’ll make sure to send your info to our devs so they can look into it.
Thanks for your feedback.

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