Thrall health change?

Anyone else notice a drop it thral health? I had a bunch of level 20 thralls take a hit to health not sure why… or maybe I am going crazy lol.

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I thought about reviewing the update notes to see if I missed this change, because I really noticed this adjustment.

OK so it is not just me. The health nerf was dramatic on some of them. Thanks funcom as a PVE player thanks to the horse nerf I am much weaker and now so are my thrals that I was going to need to relay on even more…
What is up with that?


Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. We will investigate it.

Please let us know if you find any other issue with this update. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for listening! :blush:

@Mayra could you just let me know if this adjustment was intentional?

Which thralls/what issue?
Not being sarcastic, but nothing specific was noted in your post.
Horse weapon dmg was nerfed…in the notes as well as wepaon effect removed from horseback.

Sonja, Ulfarn, Lesteret, etc…
I noticed this change in all the bastards who started with base HP of 7396.
The reduction was about 2k

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IT LOOKS intended, this thralls are not SUPPOSED to be stronger than surge thralls, which are supposed to be the best, thralls found in the world should be weaker,.

surge t4s seems to be ok,

however i think this balance needs to be placed in patch note (if intended)


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