Silent thrall strength nerf? Or bug?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: Bug
Region: USA

My 57 strength thrall went down to 44 strength? I’m just curious if it’s a bug or a silent nerf

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.have a high strength thrall before recent patch and see that the strength is lower

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My slave also dropped from 70 to 45 damage after the upgrade

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I do not believe it’s the damage they do, it’s the strength they have, a 70 strength thrall would do probably somewhere around 300 to 500 damage or more considering the weapon

I had a 78 strength 10 thousand health kisthis on server 3603, he was overpowered, he had a sword of crom he would one tap everyone until I accidentally teleported and got ob camped then he died sadly, got insided 2 or 3 weeks later

Huh… thought all it did was removed the plus stat from the normal so you could see how much was being added but it shows that damage drop off in the % so that’s kind of crazy

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The dmg% dropoff is from the first nerf.

Zebs original picture was outdated long ago. Not only with last patch… Look at my examples from the patch notes thread.

%dmg boost is the same
health points are the same
agility bonus armor is the same.

The screenshot is still before that time… PC had this patch way before PS4… Let me look in my post-history, as I was confused by other screenshots and their rather bad %dmg boost.

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For PC it was this patch (13. December 2019):

Decreased thrall damage output.

For PS4 it was in this patch (15. January 2020):

Between these 2 dates, I wrote with some people in a thread about the %dmg boost… They already had the lower values, as PC had the patch and I still had this high values.

Edit: Found the thread: So far all my thralls are better at level 19 than at 20? - #243 by jot29

There you have lower % dmg values from PC players and mine rather high from PS4, as the nerf/patch came later.

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I think they separated them as part of the new UI on the menu. That and people were possibly thinking the armor added to the white number. But now it actually reads as it should be, even though i adjusted day 1 to the old way of seeing the numbers :slight_smile:


Yes Zeb - that’s what it looks like to me too.
Could be just a display/counting change.

The patch notes did say something about removing some redundant info from stats page or something like that anyways.

We’ll have to see what the official answer is.


Ah! Now I get it… Its the same strange way to display the numbers like in our own attribute page :smiley: So people have to add the numbers themself facepalm

What a change… So much needed. :smiley: Bearers fixed? :smiley:

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Yeah…ony thing i can think of is maybe they needed to do this for some future pathces…ehhh, or change for change sake.