Thrall is gone and nothing on Event Log

So my Thrall was following me and I jumped over a foundation piece to continue on the path I was heading. The next thing I know my Thrall is no longer following me, because it wouldn’t jump over the foundation piece and didn’t glitch to catch up with…I was simply GONE!!!. The Event Log show nothing and it doesn’t even appear on my Follower Management list. Sword of Croom, GONE; special head gear, GONE; EVERTHING GONE and no trace it ever existed. Has anyone else seen or had this happen? If so, were you able to recover anything? I can’t tell you how many hours I spent just trying to get the Sword of C.

Hoping that you get an answer that helps me. Logged into my private server and ALL OF THE THRALLS ARE GONE. Every. Single. One.

Even on the saved games it’s the same thing. Only thralls or workstations or wheels or in pens are still there. Everything else vanished.

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