Thrall Leveling update

Any idea when this patch will hit test live? I do look forward to trying it out but don’t want to give feedback or suggestions until I have had a chance to sit down with it.


I asked that same question shortly after the last Dev Stream on Twitch.

No given date right now. They’ll most certainly announce it with party poppers and balloons when its time.


As long as it is not announced with party POOPERS! :laughing:


Two weeks :wink: In the tech business, we always just say “two weeks” when we have no idea. The estimate is close enough to keep the potential client interested and hungry, but far enough away to slide in an extra week or two, without it being a huge issue.

Yeah I think with this one they should give testlive even more attention so people can help iron out any bugs specially on mounts.

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“Two Weeks” needs a TM and fits right up there with “Soon” TM. Works for me!
Looking forward to it as well.


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