Thrall life bar missing!

This is a recurring and very very very annoying bug, you start a fight with your thrall and the thrall life bar disappear, today I lost a berseker because of it. I’ve searched and seems that since 2020 it happens. Two years isnt enough to fix it Funcom???

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It was working properly at some point. I noticed the bug reappearing after 3.0 release.

The health bars have changed, they’re smaller on range for example and don’t show through wall anymore, thank god…

However I noticed the same bug appear when playing for a while, health bars don’t show properly anymore.

I’ve seen this happens with npc’s as well, fighting a boss and health bar disappears for them too, sometimes I can’t even see hp bar on followers and npc’s, makes you sort of feel like fighting in darkness.

Yeah, that’s a good addition that the disappearing health bar bug doesn’t apply only to followers, but to NPCs too. And that’s rather inconvenient when trying to determine whether a fight is going well or poorly, especially with a valuable thrall fighting on your side.

It is a mess based on my experiences too.
It is annoying especially at enemies (I don’t really care about the HP of my slaves). If you apply some DoT on them, the health bar flashes as the poison/bleed damages the enemies.

However, the smaller health bars at distances is a great change.

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