Thrall Limit: Call to Arms

Hey guys, all drama aside come help us test this out: Testlive Patch (18.02.2020) - Followers Management System plus Game Launcher

It is a very important patch to get right from the start.


Thanks for posting this. I’m on a brief medical leave from gaming, and will join the test crew as soon as I can.


Speedy recovery!


I’ll be on after work.

AS you said, this is a chance for ALL PC players who complain about testing to join in and get this done. Console players have a pass, but if you talk about bugs and the such, then you should be front of the line using test-live.

PS… I am a console player, but bought the PC version just to do test-live. So do your part, or don;t complain about full blown testing.


Console players and any players really are always welcome to give us ideas about what to test. Some of you are really creative when it comes to breaking things, willingly or not :slight_smile: Drop your questions/suggestions in the main thread.

P.S. Welcome to the master race, WMHB. Mods when? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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