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Hi friends. please help How can I view the limit ? and thrall limit armorer, blacksmith Is it included ? otherwise is follower ? I can’t see how many there are.

Workstation thralls aren’t counted in the limit, it’s only ones that you can place (Stand Guard/Follow, etc.) that count to the limit. I think they are working on a way to show you a count, but I’m not positive. Barnes did note a potential method:

I haven’t tested it so I don’t know how it works…

thank you friends. sorry bad english. also workstation thrall next date limit Will it be included ?

They haven’t said that they plan to include workstation thralls at all, so any thrall that you use in crafting, in the armorer bench or forge for example, will stay untouched by the updates.

The limit update is just for the more animated thralls that can follow or fight/carry for you.

thank you for answer :slight_smile:

Here are two screenies, one showing the fidelity of the slider and the other its top value. I’m not sure where my friend got the info that its top range was 6-10 map blocks, it is not. At the full extent (4), its range does not appear to exceed one map block.

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