Thrall Perk Reset

This topic has been addressed to some degree and those topics are now closed. Most suggestions are basically feed a potion to your thrall and roll again for new perks. But what if…

Drinking a Yellow Lotus not only reset the thrall perks but the thrall XP?

Now that thralls can ingest potions I tried a Yellow Lotus to no affect on another thrall I’m ready to let go. I have already broken bonds on two thralls. They were trained to level 15 and I refused to complete their training. So I have had to farm wild-surges for new T3 fighters, make them friends and then train them.

I was hoping the Yellow Lotus potion would reset the perks but was expecting the experience points would also reset. So I would have to retrain from zero and I was fine with that. This method spares me from farming for another T3. It might not seem like much but if you finally found that cute thrall only to have her turn into a survivalist (or worse) with no strength or HP, well that is such a waste.



Greater pets suffer from the same woes.

Spending more time hunting for replacement thralls. Need a way to reset their perks…

I have 5 T3 fighters and one T2 (he’s squishy) I’m ready to let 4 T3s go. My only level 20 got “Archer” as his final perk. I’ll keep him but I’m looking for someone to travel with.

One T3 got “Skulker”@ level 15, stopped training. Another got “Warden” (-5 Vit +8 Acc). If accuracy contributed to critical chance, then maybe. But there’s no such thing as critical chance right?

Two male T3s turned out to have a voice of a Pirate Witch Hag (gravely cannibal?). Stopped training right away; I had one of those once; she was a decent thrall. Her voice got old fast and when she got killed I didn’t miss her.

So I’m farming for thralls once again. Need a way to reset thrall perks… although that won’t help with the voice.

Just had a t4 fighter level up - deadeye at 15, warden at 20 - had a 94% strength growth chance and reasonable vit, fed for 20 levels on exotic feast to max chances in both stats and she winds up with minus 5 applied to each.

So I went and got the keystone - I might as well move to Siptah - at least there I know going in that thralls are likely to be trash :wink:


I have a thrall, my Warden, that has more HP at level 15 than my level 20 thrall despite the Warden losing 5 Vit and my L20 gaining 8 Vit. My L20 thrall’s last perk? Archer…

My Warden simply has better starting stats. I was originally planning to get rid of him but when I realized his HP was greater I decided to finish leveling him; since I can’t reset him. He is now Robust, so -5 Vit + 5 Vit. He has a total of 2711 HP and is now my best Thrall.

Before thralls were nerfed I never payed that much attention to their perks. Now I can’t ignore the bad perks. And can’t stop looking for a better thrall.

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