Yellow lotus for thralls

They should give us a perk reroll for our thralls. A yellow lotus flower potion to feed them that resets levels and rerolls perks. I mean who needs a fighter with archer perks lol. If you like this idea or have one similar please leave a like and comment so we can get the right attention. @Barnes better?


I like that, but doubt they’ll implement it. I think they want certain aspects of the game to be grindy – it’s a way to balance the economy.

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I think it would increase the grind per thrall. Instead of dumping it and waiting to catch another one, people would keep on the grind till they got what they wanted. Purge thralls especially. Same idea could be applied to the horses even.

I like the idea but I think it should be more expensive otherwise it would too easy to get those perfect perks every time.


I agree. Even make it so you have to be level 60 to learn recipe.

Doesn’t add up. The situation now is:

  • Catch the thrall you want. You need C hours for that.
  • Level the thrall up until you decide you don’t like its stats or perks. You need L hours for that.
  • Get rid of that thrall. Now you have to catch another.

So if you have bad luck 2 times in a row, you would need C1 + L1 + C2 + L2 + C3 + L3 hours, where Ci and Li are how many hours you need to spend doing the catching and the leveling for the i-th iteration.

What you propose is:

  • Catch the thrall you want. You need C hours for that.
  • Level the thrall up until you decide you don’t like its stats or perks. You need L hours for that.
  • Farm up the ingredients for the potion. You need F hours for that (where F can obviously be a small fraction of an hour).
  • Make the potion and give it to the thrall. Now you just need to level the thrall again.

Again, if you have bad luck 2 times in a row, the time you need is C + L1 + F1 + L2 + F2 + L3 hours.

If you really think the game would be more grindy that way, it means that you consider F (the time to farm up the ingredients for a reset potion) to be equal to or higher than C.

In other words, unless the average time needed to farm up the potion ingredients is greater than the average time needed to catch that thrall again, it doesn’t “increase the grind per thrall” :wink:

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Could use a lot of the various lotus flowers for it? I do like the idea. Some potential there but I would be surprised if they pursued it.

Right now i farm the volcano easily producing fighters. I break them then place them. If the stats aren’t right i break bond. Not wasting time on a fighter with low vitality and strength. Where if an option was implemented to reroll the stats I would spend more time leveling each thrall rather than letting them go. Its faster to get them in abundance than leveling in abundance. For instance i’ve spent 1 whole day in the volcano filling up 3 greater wheels of pain with thralls. Yet it takes almost 2 days to level 1 thrall in the unnamed city. Atm its faster to catch and release than it would be to level over and over again.

Thralls are like Build a Bear now. Just keep the ones with the stats you want and trash the scraps. Level only the ones you keep and feed to increase stats you want. Just hope for good perks. This idea changes this because now you stand the chance of changing the stats you originally kept it for making it completely invaluable to you. It again is luck of the draw just as it is now. But the option is there. Making it so you can make that killer thrall or even the one you can settle for, ya the ole close enough build lol.

Okay, so you’re saying you can place up to 8 thralls on the same wheel and they all tame in parallel. That’s fine, that just decreases the average C. But you’re still not counting that C correctly, because you perceive it to be negligible, because you’re catching readily available thralls in the volcano.

It’s not negligible. Let’s say you’re catching only T4 thralls, that you’re putting them on a greater wheel, and that this greater wheel has a T4 taskmaster. It takes 8.6 hours to break a T4 thrall on a wheel with a T4 taskmaster. If you’re doing the full wheel, that’s 8 thralls per wheel, that would be 1.075 hours per thrall.

In order to simplify the argument, let’s disregard the time it takes to find a T4 NPC spawning, to knock it unconscious and to drag it to the wheel. So we’re only counting the time to break the thrall.

Say we’re talking about Kisthis. You place Kisthis, you start leveling it and you get to level 10, where he gets the first perk. And let’s say that first perk is one of those really crappy ones, like Warden, where he gets -5 to vitality and +8 to accuracy. And your reaction, naturally, is “Well screw that, this sucks.”

The way things are now, you have to break his bonds and get another one. That’s 1.075 hours of breaking on the wheel. It doesn’t matter if you already have another one, you still had to spend those 1.075 on that replacement at some point earlier in time. Those 1.075 hours are part of that thrall’s cost in time.

What you’re proposing is to give him a potion, instead of breaking his bonds. So the question is: what is the cost in time of that potion? If it’s less than 1.075 hours, then the process is less grindy.

And bear in mind that what we did here is disregard the time to find that thrall. If it’s a Dalinsia, she’s not quite as readily available as Kisthis. If it’s a purge thrall, it’s even harder to get a new one.

Does that explain my logic better?

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Yes. I guess i just feel if we are going to be building thralls then we should have all the tools to do so. To me it seems to monotonous. Lvl 10 comes quick. 1st perk not right kill and start again. Keeping only high stat thralls. Each play style is different. For me the White Tiger and Rockslide are the hardest in the game. Erii the Ravager has been timed for being the hard hitter for the White Tiger. So he’s always been my go getter. I run a vitality build on a PVE official server. Utilizing him for the fighter and me as support and backup.

Could be done as with the Avatar summoning…making of Perk Reassignment Potion (PRP) requiring a Thrall which would be consumed in the process. To make it less of a powerful option.


Just allow to reroll Thrall not less than lvl 20. So you’ll just kick all the Thralls that you do not like and break new ones - except for the Purge Thralls, which are really hard to get.

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What I would like to have, would be 1 stat-swap.
Only once possible for each thrall and only 1 stat.

So say you got 15 accuracy and 1 survival on a fighter. Swap this 2.

Or have 50 accuracy and 10 str. Swap this 2.

Wouldnt break to much.

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I do not want to be able to reset thralls with lotus or everyone will make 50 lotus to get max stats. I like them to fix stats to race and location and food and what they use for weapon and defense to judge there increase.


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