New questline or recipe for thrall perk reset. Hear me out

I have a thought id like to propose about the random perks that your thralls get at lvl 10, 15 and 20. We all have picked up a thrall somewhere, only to be disappointed by a crazy perk that just ruined your thrall… like " Warden" for a fighter thrall, when thats an Archer role.
So my pitch is this… we should be able to quest for a recipe that allows us to reset that levels perk. Think about this. 1st find recipe, then gather ingredients, thrall drinks AND goes back 5 levels. Yes, thats a hefty grind, but if inworked my butt off for my ideal thrall and they got a crap roll at 15 or 20. Would you start over? Im not trying to create over powered thralls. There has to be a balance, hence why the quest, ingredients and reset 5 lvls would be step. But i think its a cool idea. We are already grinding. Would add some renewed interest in the game. A new recipe or quest. Some people wont do it.
After a 5 level reset, that would include any strength, vitality etc you’ve earned. Its a reset. And there is nothing to say after you grind it again, you might get the same role or worse. I think it would be fun to explore…


Welcome to the Forum. I’d be up for that believe it would be accepted all around.

Why not just remove that stupid accuracy perk on fighters… solved.


I like it. I wouldn’t say we need another recipe but just have yellow lotus potion usable for thralls with the exception that thralls just start back at level 0.

Maybe use the keystone on a thrall to reset it (since it already exists). Personally, I’d want it to be all the way to 0 again but thats just me… a bad perk is annoying sure, but there’s also the stat increase chances and those can be just as detrimental if you get saddled with a bad vit % chance.

How do we get a moderator or Funcom admin to see this suggestion?

I like the idea, it frustrates me when they come out negative. I almost prefer to kill the slave and start climbing another one.

I’m sure they’ve seen it. I wouldn’t take lack of comment as if they havent. Getting sucked into every thread is a slippery slope for them.

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Imo getting the perfect thrall should be an almost impossible quest…

And a high tier thrall with bad perks is still good enough for anything in the game…

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