Re-roll Follower perks

Nothing like getting accuracy and -8 strength on your fighter after spending hours leveling it up…having a way to re-roll thrall perks would be a wonderful option. I was thinking a potion of some sort…thanks!

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Make it annoying hard task -> so using all artefacts maybe?

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Maybe bring in the arch priests and T3 altars? Use zeal, something like 200 zeal for level 20 re-roll, 150 for level 15, and 100 for level 10. It will re-roll the perk at that level only.

Just tossing it out there.


id love to be able to reroll… maybe give us option to reset only lvl 20 to lvl 0 so its not too easy?

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If that were the case, it would be just as easy to go grab a new NPC. Nah, make it reset to level 11 so that you’re stuck with the first perk you got no matter how many times you re-roll

not if its purge thrall

but 11 is ok too

my clan is playing an official, we have trained 60 thralls in 1 week. 40 of them have those perks :frowning:

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