Stop tilting the RNG numbers for fighters and archers perks

Since points are additive (if I’m correct), and the multiplier is… well multiplicative, it still better thav even 30+ points in STR.
But since thralls are still stronger and WAY beefier than players I don’t look the points anymore.

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Lol, well I’ve just had a t4 fighter with perseverance, warden and deadeye.

And a t4 archer with strong arms, Jack of all trade and get this, NEARSIGHTED.

Alright then, huntress is going to the fighter and bec de Corbin is going to archer I suppose.

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Thinking about how many Nearsighted Archers we have…


I agree on all points. If we could at least get the option to make the thrall drink a yellow lotus potion and re roll the perks as a result it would help (Assuming the cries of less RNG! fall utterly on deaf ears…)

Some perks, like “Nearsighted” just should not appear on the archer tables and vice versa (OK in real life an archer who was “Long sighted” probably would not have a huge disadvantage but the way said “Perk” works here means it insta wastes the last 5-10 levels of effort…)

I get the idea of the odd perk being a booby prize fair enough but make it one such gift per customer at least!


Oh My Yog… lotus potions for thralls…:I love this idea ^


Sadly, the cries for “thrall reset potion” also fell on deaf ears:

As a “fun” story, I remember downloading the DevKit to see if I could, maybe, make a mod that gives us that feature. Sadly, it’s yet another thing locked in C++ and not exposed for use in node graphs. :man_shrugging:


I’ve had so many Dalinsias decide they’d rather wield a bow that I’ve given up hunting her. I’ve tried all of the tricks: feed her only strength or vitality foods, use only melee weapons when running about leveling her, stay away from anything poisonous/toxic so it won’t trigger a survival perk, etc.

I’ve even had three EEWA Meruvian Sentry fighters decide to go the archer route. That really hurts my feelings.

At the end of the day, though, all I can do is sigh and roll my eyes. I’m almost eagerly awaiting one of my pets to get Warden or Deadeye.

They shouldn’t be named perks in the current state.

If they only got rid of the negatives, and made it a true even chance to get one of the five attributes instead it would at least be bearable.

What bothers me the most is the way it’s weighted to gaining a minus Vitality or Health adjustment at level 20.

A yellow lotus potion seems like a good idea, but you’re just going to go through all the levelling again to get (very likely) yet another kick in the pants. The only difference is you can do it continuously with one thrall until you get a no negative at level 20.

Yesterday me and a my clan kinda wish we just had the old thrall system. No leveling and no perks. The farming didn’t change, because it is still Named Volcano, Dalinsia, Bersrker, and Relic Hunters that are meta.

I thought the leveling was going to change it some where any named would be closer after you leveled them, but honestly it hasn’t.

It is now just a grind mechanic of the same metas.


I would agree with that line up except the Berserker. I leveled up a Liam and a Berserker and Liam actually has way more offensive power and DPS than the Berserker.
Sure he has 1k less HP, but he kills twice as fast. This may have just been a lucky RNG for Liam, but I am still unimpressed by the Berserkers I have leveled up.

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metal. hp is more important.
But Lian should be on my list as well pe
re leveling. But still 80% of thebothers (guestimate) are trivial in the game.

Actually 80% is probably a good guess on trivial recipes and items in the game.

Sometimes more is less.

[Imagines a “chorus line” of Meruvian Archers cowering behind the player]

Sadly only way I have seen to make an archer thrall even halfway useful is to load them with a Legendary Bow and a giant stack of starmetal arrows. That makes them oh maybe half as effective as if they would be with an equivalent 2 handed sword…

Funcom if you wont change it how about just making archers no more than one third as common as fighters? They are (in my opinion) less than half as useful as that in general but might be a start?

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If you ignore the perks and the RNG, you’re still ahead of the old system. Even with the most atrocious perk rolls against Vitality your Dalinsia is still going to have 10x more HP than originally. And even with the most atrocious rolls against Strength she’s still hitting 2.5x harder.

I believe Funcom used the proper term when they made perks. They’re just that, perks. But we as players have fixated on them. This isn’t entirely our fault. We tend to want to collect the best of the best. Even if the ‘best’ isn’t that much more better than normal.

We were more talking how it was just simpler. The leveling didn’t really do anything, and stats had to be nerfed twice I believe. IT added a generic RNG grind for grinds sake. There are a lot of grindy mechanics that are hiding a thin end game loop.

Then again, i may be jaded because the raid mechanics have very little changed, and we keep getting more and more fluff recipes/weapons/armors. The one area I thought that would have improved Raid PVP were trebs update, but alas the crafting time makes them part of the offline meta because of their low hp. Siege does not exist on CE unless RP’d, and the PVE is hamster wheel lottery game for OCD collectors.

There actually IS a mod, where you can reset thralls.
“Better Thralls” by Testerle

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Really? Does it actually reset them or completely reroll them? Because I couldn’t find any way to reset a thrall without picking it up and recreating one of the same “name”. I guess I should go to @Testerle’s discord and ask him :slight_smile:

Better Thralls is great, but it rerolls them. You get same appearance but lvl 0 with new attrib growth percentages.

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Oh, bummer. I was hoping I made a mistake and overlooked something :frowning:

I know it’s been mentioned before, but the fact that each thrall has a unique damage multiplier and whatever other unique multiplier stats each one possesses, really makes this entire thing a sh*t show!!! People want to be able to do simple tests to compare and contrast different thralls and different perks, but it’s near impossible with the way the system is currently.

I’ve only ever played on console, but I do enjoy the way the thrall levelling system currently works, I just think they need to adjust the way perks are given and maybe remove one or two of the ridiculous negative perks. It’s not a good feeling when you level a Lesteret the Unsung Hero to level 15 for him to receive a -5 Strength perk. It’s not the worst stat ever, but it definitely made me give up on him and a few other thralls at 15 once they received that or a similar negative perk.

It’s also a little frustrating getting bonuses that the wiki says are intended for lvl 10 or 15, at lvl 15 or 20 (I know the wiki isn’t reliable, especially now with it being tailored to PC). I’m fine with +3 health as my level 20 bonus vs -5 health and +8 Survival, but the lvl 20 bonus should definitely always be the special perk.

I will say, of the 30 or so thralls I have at level 20, it is a complete mixed bag, I have quite a few who have been blessed by the gods with vitality (Sully, Cannibal Brute, a few other low levels) and quite a few purge thralls and Berserkers who keep getting screwed over with archery bonuses despite being fighters.

Crom careth not!

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You got me there. It was a 100% simpler because Thralls didn’t have levels back then :laughing:

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