Thrall perks do not match combat style

Game mode: Single Player
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type:PvE
**Region:**North America

I was leveling up my Thralls and I noticed that my Melee thralls are getting perks that decrease strength and increase agility and my Archer thralls are getting the reverse (increase strength and decrease agility), now to me this is the reverse of what it should be, I want my Melee Thralls to get strength perks not agility or archery perks and vice versus for my Archers. I’m guessing this is a bug or that the perks are random, if the perks are random then they should at least be suited to their combat style. I stopped leveling them because the perks do not benefit my Thralls combat style.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Take a Melee thrall or an Archer thrall and level to 15
2.notice the perks do not match the combat style

Hi @BigSarg, this is intentional and part of the randomness of this new system since perks are given out based on the race of the follower ( Birds, Reptiles, Humans, Apes, Undead, Canines, Felines ) and not the class.

For more information please refer to the following thread:

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Thanks for the reply, I was really hoping it is random and not a bug. Ok I think I get what your saying, so each race has a pool of perks that are drawn from when they level which is random regardless of the class, so I might have 1 fighter that is stronger than another fighter of the same level, not sure I think this is a good idea but now that I understand it I can change things up a bit. Thank-you very much.


If you would like to see a list of available perks at each level, go to the Wiki page Thrall. Unfortunately, we have not found any way to influence them.



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Thanks, so far not 1 of my thralls has gotten a perk that’s actually a benefit, my melee fighters are getting archery perks and my archers are getting melee perks, its more of a punishment for leveling your thralls than a reward if the perks make them weaker than they were before you level them, I had a fighter thrall lose 6 strength points from 2 perks, which obviously is not good for a fighter. If the perks are not based on class than the class distinction is useless, why not do away with the class distinction and make Thralls so they can equip either a melee weapon or a ranged weapon, then the perks would be worth something.

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I have thrown away many thralls so far as they have the wrong perks for their class as most thralls now will hardly use any weapons but the same type they have when they come off the wheel so giving a fighter thrall with high archery perks a bow does nothing, they stand there like stupid statue and are useless. This randomness does not make good thralls more special it makes us the players tired of trying for a decent thrall that is not punished for getting good stats. If funcom wanted to do random they should have done random within each class not across the board this just makes more work, more grind for players and less time to play and less help for our bases.


Wait, so this is now just how it is going forward? I thought Funcom was taking this issue under review to see if it should remain as is or get adjusted to apply perks more appropriate to the thrall class.

Why should one fighter thrall lose strength at level 20 and another gain it? They both spend their lives training to be strong fighters…


Uh, I was under impression that the team would look into this:

Does this mean the team considered the suggestion and rejected it?

To further clarify: the issue we’re seeing while leveling thralls is that, for example, a fighter thrall will get a perk that decreases strength to increase accuracy. Accuracy only gives ranged damage bonus and strength only gives melee damage bonus, so in these cases it’s literally a penalty for reaching a certain level. Getting a perk that decreases strength or vitality in order to increase survival is not a problem, but accuracy for fighters and strength for archers are.


Just had a purge and got Beast-Tamer Ulfarn lvl 15 perk was the warrior perk lvl 20 I got the Deadeye perk both totaly canceling each other out so could be worse. But leaves me thinking whats the point.


Just chiming in to agree with those saying the negative perks feel bad.

Getting +3 of the wrong stat is one thing. Like, if an archer gets 3 strength and vitality, it at least benefits them when something gets up close. Losing stats though is pretty much reversing some of the progress made by leveling them.

Which seems rather contradictory for a “perk,” to say the least.


To clarify, the current RNG is intentional as per design, although we’re always forwarding constructive feedback gathered from the forums on different topics to the developers.
This feedback is always considered and, upon approval, changes do take time, mostly depending on the currently available resources and priority given to the task.

There have already been tweaks to the new movement system thanks to the feedback that has been provided by the community during the testlive and post-patch, so nothing is really set in stone at this time ( regarding the follower perk system, specifically ).


I have leveled four fighter thralls so far, 2 to lvl20 and 2 to lvl15, in total 10 perks assigned, I have received:
Lvl 10
1 x Jack of All Trades (+2 every stat)
2 x Perserverance (+3 Survival)
1 x Expert Survivalist (-3 Strength, +5 Survival)

Lvl 15
2 x Resourceful Skulker (-5 Strength, +8 Survival)
1 x Assassin (+3 Strength, +3 Accuracy)
1 x Vanguard (+3 Vitality, +3 Agility)

Lvl 20
Deadeye (-3 Strength, +5 Accuracy) - NOT even a lvl 20 perk!!
Resourceful Skulker (-5 Strength, +8 Survival) - Also NOT a lvl 20 perk!!

Of these 10 perks, 3 are useful (perks), 2 are near useless (neutral), and 5 are detrimental (penalties). There also appears to be a heavy leaning toward survival perks.

Can you please look at this system, as a player who is playing this game for fun and enjoyment, I can tell you there is NO fun or enjoyment, only anger and frustration when you spend so many hours leveling a follower to 20 only to be penalized. There have been many good suggestions on how to improve this system. My suggestions - 1. do not have perks that decrease stats, especially a stat like strength. 2. maybe at each level have a selection of perks that a player can choose from.

For me, I will not level another follower until this system is fixed, it is just too frustrating to say the least.


It’s Conan, RolePlay gamers got their updates, hardcore PVP-ers won’t visit this forum that quick while RolePlayGamers do because the scene should be more fluent and work better because of de audience and for Conan this is promo.

Choices of these devs are clear to me.
Mounts update was for RP gamers in general, they have their movement and downgraded PVP skills and focussing what is not important in terms of general gameplay of checking their own updates en playing their own game (only for stream, which is not really real gameplay but more of a show off).

People are hyped atm beause of the mounts, will take some time again when you realize this game is throwing your time and energy away when a new concept patch will released on live, happening entire lifetime of this game, but devs still see money and no reason to change internal strategy, only when it’s to late (already to late, stitching wounds atm for example the mounts update, their focus was bigger on mounts instead of making this game more stable first).

In time you gamers will see you are just an experiment and your time that you spend building something up, they will throw it away like it’s nothing and you are the testcase and don’t listing to you unless they have a reason (fixing).

Yeah, hate me being realistiq (most of the time).

Your timeframe at the moment:

Conan got many people back, in my opinion short terms.
Most PVP players before this update like myself tested the new patch and made my conclusion in just 5 minutes with so many bugs etc. movement that is CORE BUSINESS, all the months work is just almost for nothing. Can continue in details but it’s not fun anymore.

Accept that this game is not a game, but a concept game while changing every update you get a new game back with new and old bugs (was fixed, but back again in the new patch, great).

I don’t play anymore, been like almost 30 days. Keep tracking what has been put on the forums and I see history repeats itself and in this case you will stay outside in the rain later on.
Trying to find reasons to come back to this game again because I loved this game so much, but I accept that Conan for me will not be “The Conan” anymore.

Best luck in 2020!


I kept stats on the 40 fighters we leveled. Had about a 65% retention rate (we’re dumping 14 for getting either -strength or -vitality). Not happy with the reward for time invested.

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The system itself just doesn’t make sense. I mean I’m ok with my fighter end up a good archer or reverse. But when he gets “Nearsighted” and still decides to become a “Warden” it’s just plain BS.

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u said everything i was thinking… i stoped playing this game for moths due to bad service from Funcom, now i get back and see they completely ruined pvp! thats astonishing!

I was wondering what you guys think of the suggestion I posted as a possible solution to this problem:

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This has not been my experience at all - my current preferred “archer” is a high-base-accuracy fighter thrall. She has no compunctions whatsoever about pelting anything in range with arrows, and only goes to her melee weapon if enemies close with her.

What I would like to see may be asking too much, but if Archers could get some modest Armor Penetration from their Strength stat and Fighters get some modest Armor Penetration from their Accuracy stat, I’d be pretty well satisfied with Archers getting Strength (even at the cost of some Accuracy) and Fighters getting Accuracy (even at the cost of some Strength). I’m not saying they should get a lot from those - it should definitely be a secondary stat for each class - but if we had a by-class secondary bonus it’d eliminate the sense where there were “useless” stats on thralls. If the way thralls are implemented wouldn’t mesh well with giving class-specific modifiers to Fighters and Archers, it could even work to simply make Str always give a modest bit of ranged AP, and Accuracy always give a modest bit of melee AP. It wouldn’t need to be a lot - even if 10 points gave 1% that’s still enough to make it feel like you’re not getting nothing for losing your primary damage attribute to gain your secondary one… it’d just feel like a trade-off.

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Feel free to visit the thread I linked and show some support there, because that’s exactly what I proposed :smiley:

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