Thrall Rescue mechanic variation

Current test-live rescue mechanic seems to be:
Fight through camp, kill a tier 4 task master, and be rewarded with a low tier combat thrall.

Suggestion: tie the quality of the captive thralls to the quality of the task master and then allow the task master to vary from Tier 1-4.

Allow the key to open any/all cages for that camp with a short expiration timer once used vs instantly breaking on the first cage. Alternate: tie the number of cages a key works with to the tier of the task master. T1 breaks on one cage. T4 breaks on 4th cage.

Perhaps Thralls released do not instantly join the player, but instead remain neutral. Allow the player to see what they are. Interact to have the thrall follow.

Please Expand rescues to include crafting thralls. Crafting thralls can already fight. Allow rescued crafting thralls to follow as a combat thrall unless picked up. No xp or combat level gain (though that might be a really neat future mechanic to improve low tier crafting thralls…). Once picked up, then they can only be placed into a crafting station (unless we see a future in leveling up low tier crafting thralls where they level their crafting skill vs combat skill).

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