Thrall Throwing Axe 10x DPS of Arrows + Black Ice Axe bug

Game mode: Online/Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: Any

When equipping any thrall with a throwing axe their damage output goes well beyond archer output. They fire at 5-6 times the rate and with less stamina usage, so less downtime than the archer. On top the Black Ice Throwing Axe incorrectly does 50 damage as well. In short you end up with 5 thralls doing around 500 DPS give or take.

The range of the throwing axe is similar to bows as well, so there is no downside at all.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place Thrall
  2. Equip Throwing Axe
  3. Pull Enemy nearby

same thing happens with obsidian throwing axes, it’s not only black ice and i bet it’s the same thing for every other throwing axe. the black ice one is the stronger though with 50 dmg, then comes the obsidian one with 49 dmg i believe. Still need to check the starmetal ones but i bet it’s somewhere around 35-40.

i agree it’s kinda OP, but it is so funny, my goodness i couldn’t stop laughing when i saw my thrall manchineguning every mob with such ease.
i want to keep this mechanic in the game :rofl::rofl::rofl: so hilarious !!!

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rofl, i gave it a try, i have 5 archers stationed at the entrance of my castle. I baited a giant spider 50.000 - 60.000 hp and they completely destroyed it in about 10 minutes, free skeleton key :smiley: I like how they taunt enemies too, with bows they are silent. You can equip a jevelin in their main hand too, not sure if they use it though. I placed my archers on foundations so they are a bit elevated. Around i placed pillars as a fence to avoid them getting too close and stay in fireing range, you can move trough, but the mobs can’t.

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Orbs works too, tho remember to give them a mask.

Then you feel the same as me and it’s basically what i’m sayin here Reaction to polebear igloo video
And thanks for the word “taunt” by the way, i was looking for a word to describe what thralls are sayin when they are fighting and this one is appropriate imo.
and if you think about it, it seems that the quickest attacking rate thralls have, the more they will taunt, which is great in that case :smiley:

Axes are much better than bows. Bows are really buggy too, when i had my archers equipped with bows, arrows would get stuck in the air until server restart. The stuck arrows dealt major lag for some reason, had like 20 - 30 stuck arrows i couldn’t interact with. Axes don’t leave anything behind. I can imagine what good defence axe throwing thralls would be in a pvp server, if they actually worked on laggy servers.

There’s another problem with this on top of the above mentioned. The speed of throwing and the stagger it gives is absurd in PvP. I do a lot of PvP and as soon as the patch went through raiders started running around with 2-3 thralls following them and they didn’t even need to fight, they just kicked each other to aggro the thralls onto you and PvP became a numbers game of who had more thralls.