Thralls and Throwing Weapons

Hi guys, I’m posting this cause I didn’t find any accurate (AND RECENT) answer to this questions:

  1. Do thralls consume throwing axes/javelins they throw ?
    Do they stop once they have only 1 of these left ?

  2. Do thralls swap arrows/throwing weapons once they consume a whole stack ? Cause I’d fill their inventory with more 3/4 stacks of these stuff if that would be useful.

  3. Do explosive arrows damage your own buildings in pve ? Even when shot by thralls ?

  4. It is normal that, when climbing on spiked T3 walls (and get damaged xD) walls get damaged as well ? It is intended or is it a bug ? Cause this way one can slowly destroy other players building in pve and it is annoying to repair them every time you fail to climp due to spikes.

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