Thralls are still sinking down into the buildings

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: America

Thralls are still sinking down into the foundations…The purge did not destroy me but bugs. I don’t understand what’s the difference between now and EA? Due to the number of bugs and performance issues, I had to go back to steam and give it a bad review. Jens left some commands on my Steam review just before the launch date which I think he had on most of the reviews. And I thumb the game back up and hoping for something different. But now I have to give my review after playing on the official servers for a week.

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Same happening here, thralls sink thru the building, also having a problem that cant move thralls, because it says is overlapping, but nothing is there, only the ceiling. Having constant thrall problems. Also have to fill their inventories with stuff or they unequip weapons after fight.

Don’t do this. They are supposed to put their weapons away after a fight. They’ll get them back out when needed (usually). If you fill their inventories, they will keep holding their weapons but they will ‘not’ fight. They’ll run around like morons and not attack.

I just finished playing hide and seek with my 15 archer thralls, had to tear down foundations and walls to find them. 10/10 funtime…

With the current state of the AI, I wouldn’t have even bothered looking.

I had like that before, but after, they did not equip weapon, they just stood there doing nothing.

They do that sometimes. But filling their inventories removes all chance that they might fight.

They seem to work fine with filled inventory. :smiley:

Maybe it’s just my thralls then. If I fill their inventories, they run into melee range with their bows and never actually fire a shot. Same thing with fighter thralls, they won’t attack even though they’re holding weapons.

I have to leave a slot open for them to put the weapon away, otherwise they don’t ever function correctly.

I have equipped daggers to my thralls, and the bow was in inventory , the other slots was filled with just random stuff. They started to fight with daggers if they were in melee range, if the player started to run, they equipped a bow and shoot. However if its on roof, maybe is better to not equip a melee weapon, they might run off.

Yeah that works, as long as they have both a melee and a ranged weapon. But even then sometimes it breaks.

I’ve noticed my thralls like to use their fists. If I leave no space for them to put their weapon away, they bug out like crazy, presumably when they want to punch stuff.

I don’t know, thralls are so messed up right now.