Thrall visibility for PvP

With the upcoming 2.2 patch being the “PvP” patch a lot of us are getting excited about what changes are in store to shake up the horse / lance / spear meta. There has been some talk of either nerfing thralls or you guys adding MORE diverse ways to command multiple thralls in combat…

All i am suggesting is no matter what ends up happening. Find a way to let us know that what is hitting us or what we are hitting is a THRALL.

Have a little icon next to their name, a border on their health bar, a glowing outline, something. anything. I think if you added that gold / silver border to player thralls it would be perfect. We would instantly recognize that hey, this thing attacking us in this huge battle is a thrall and we need to find the players to kill them.

In large scale battles where everyone is wearing colored armor and everyone is fighting everyone we need to be able to visually distinguish between players and thralls.

Thank you!

EDIT: To pet health bars too!!

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