Thrall would not cross lake, swam back to get thrall, thrall is dead now, says i killed it but i best thrall on official pvp to

So my dalinisi was just force killed by the game, me and my horse crossed a lake and she just stood at the shore. We got to the other side and she was still at the old shore. So i swam back to get her, i get to her marker and she’s gone.

Check my log and she’s dead…this was my Dalinisi almost fully leveled and my main thrall…I’m solo in a pvp server on official as well and have been struggling hard until i got her,so thank you funcom, thank you for taking the last little bit i had left for this game,
I’m done, this game is already hard enough for me i dont need it force killing my thralls that i put time and effort into…

I’ve put so much time in this game and it just keeps taking and taking and taking…this needs to stop

It’s even more of a slap having the game tell me “I “ killed her

I just started my game night just to turn my system off because of this, runined my night completely

I’ll no longer be leveling thralls after that,… you can’t trust this game anymore to not just up and force kill your stuff becasue it can’t register where your thrall is or something stupid crap, but does the game ever force kill an npc NO!!!

Like seriously i dont even know if i want to play anymore

Funcom you are cruel to solo players, stuff like this should never at anypoint happen, there’s a limit to how much of our time your can just…take…like man i cant anymore with this game, I’m to scared to do anything because usually the game just glitches and takes it away in some stupid way other then a game mechanic… like seriously…why is our time and effort being straight up deleted!

No status or anything, we were totally safe and she was full health even when i swam back to get her i checked her status and she was still good, it wasn’t until i popped up on shore exactly where she should be and she wasn’t, there, checked the log and like it says game says i killed her

First of all, you have my sympathy to that misfortune incident. Some players experience things that others do not and this makes things more difficult. I never lost a thrall undermase, I never lost a thrall this way that you did, I never lost a thrall from elevator great fall, yet too many others did. It is not the first complaint I hear about thrall killed in bizarre ways. So again you have my sympathy on this. It is tiresome and frustrating to loose rare thralls this way.

Heads up exile

No matter if you hit the misfortune jackpot. I can assure you that in the past I have lost hundreds of thralls or pets, by poisoning, by lava, pvp, stone stacking etc… but most of them was from game mechanics and only a few from “wrong game mechanics”. By now I get used to it, my thralls never carry special equipment, or “expensive” equipment. The game mechanics provide us the heavy epic cimmerian steel armor that focus on vitality which is the far more important attribute for thralls, almost free of cost. Thralls do not need their armor to be repaired or their weapons too. So instead of dismantling these armor pieces to get literally nothing, farm them and dress your thralls in purges or when they follow you. This way you will reduce a lot the cost of loss. Sword of Crom is “necessary” only in a few boss fights it this game, for all the other fights even the star metal great sword with an upgrade is more than enough for a thrall to defend and crush all the others. Cimmerian bersekers spawn with this sword out of the wheel of pain and they have main spawns in each map. So all you loose here is a weapon upgrade, literally nothing again.

Playing pvp, especially in official servers be prepared to loose everything and when I say everything I mean everything. All you have to do is experience a raid of, or a God attack, or a spawn killer camping etc… Several times I exit warmakers dungeon in pvp servers, after 2 hours of farming scraps and died before I exit the loading screen :rofl::rofl::rofl:. This is official pvp :man_shrugging:.
It was me, my own fault on this one, nobody else’s.

However… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger they say…
It’s true.

If you want to continue playing solo pvp, I would suggest you to join a private server. Official servers is just a simple model of how servers can be, free of charge, but with too many mistakes. Private servers are almost perfect for pvp and a really good admin (there are a lot) can make your gaming experience awesome. Not to mention that if something like this would happen to a private server the admin would recover your loss at once… or the next day, but surely your loss will be recovered :wink:.

Once again, heads up exile, move forward, this belongs to the past now :+1:t6:

Shhhhhh we don’t talk about the old fall damage here😝 lol

Seriously tho got my first frost giant way back when, placed him at my base and decided to take him on an adventure, the moment i slid down the cliff beside my base i get The notification that my thrall died, had my first giant 5 minutes and fall damage kills him.

I think I’ve honestly had 90% of my thralls and stuff wreaked by the game messing up rather then actual raids and game play mechanics, super annoying. That’s what gets me so salty about this stuff, seems like the mess ups kill more then the actual npcs do😂

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