Thralls and Food Major flaws as a exploit hunter eyes

As a pvper and a exploit hunter these are my general fears for “food/ consumable”

  1. food heals
    — foods like aloe soup, abismal meat and more offer heals with thralls at 3k health like Vathis, and other t4s what will we see in the gamespace.
  2. healing thralls
    — the same issue but effects like golden potion could be deems a “food” if so we will have pretty tanky thralls
  3. the grind for troth’s vs number of thralls you have
    — can it be refrigerated since food decay is high for that purpose, this also promotes large clans vs small clans as a pvp perspective
  4. ratios of raw items
    — im not talking poop but in older posts they talked about dropping items like crystal and brimstone (possibly tar has been rumored) and could be a major issue
  5. Old values
    — more a personal gripe but old servers have old armor pen values on things like teliths, and kingslayers since they didnt get fixed
  6. has unlimited firing been fixed?
    — since we are gonna get explosive shot arrows based on the last patch note will the thralls have a inventory finally? or am I just gonna murder the server with a thrall with explosive shot and golden lotus “consumable” sounds tanky :slight_smile:
  7. taiming adults
    — since it is taiming babies since the other idea you had was to use 5 people to drag back the animal was scrapped, will it be at all possiable for that.
  8. Auto mods
    — since in the system pak file it still has mounts functionality and the fact you are adding camels is great, can you make it available for modders to do the same and add mounts to at least camels.
  9. Pets and Pvp
    — since rhinos can still push you under the map have you addressed that or am I gonna keep telaporting players to the dessert.
  10. pets and pvp again
    — will the concept of legendary cripple pets/ poison/ thunder be transferable or is it only stuck to the thrall npc base.

In conclusion these are My concerns as a exploit hunter not to be what happens in the patch but I can see it being poorly thought out and hotfixed a few times like the previous iterations.


Just as armor secondary stats (+grit or temperature resistances) don’t affect thralls, so too won’t the stats of food (+encumbrance, health Regen) affect thralls, let alone pets.

These are functions you have to deliberately programme for. These functions aren’t “inherited” from some parent-class which are on by default.


we wont know until we see it on testlive in the current state yes you are right but in the notes all thralls will have a slot for food so we dont know how much they are adding from client player models

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or if its something new

OH hey! I just realized. Your the guy who exposed the underwater chair exploit on youtube!

Hi ^___^

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well there are far worse ones but most have been patched, I just hope this time around they learned a thing or two about bad bugs and exploits Ill never post injections since then everyone will be screwed but it mainly worked on in the background to be fixed

I’m quite surprised they knew about these crazy exploits but took so long to fix them.

It’s only when someone called AD-GOD on youtube posted the big 50 stats exploit, did Funcom hotfix it, albeit with a 2 day delay.

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well my thing is still better to get rid of then theres just turn off the functionality of it but unfortunate it is back again but have yet to replicate it because people are smart

Polarbear is probably onto something about a bigger change in thralls. It’s not much of a state change, but considering thralls will be a consumable item on death from starvation (and possibly all death) there’s been a new system implemented. It is a far reach for me to say that makes me believe consumables will tank up our horde, so I’ll reserve judgment for another day or so when it drops to TestLive.

I also forgot thrall troth griefing killing thralls that are at a base while taking there food you know for the griefing people

I hope you can turn it off in the admin settings…

The devs need to end this madness of having to feed thralls. They need to focus on fixing thralls, not adding new stupid mechanics that almost nobody wants. I’m telling you now, it’s going to be a nightmare.

see?.. so you still think its bad???

how makes you feel now? specially after the rant ?


Still only answers a few questions, its not a rant but a statement. Since every major patch has broken one or seven mechanics. Most are still not fixed, or were fixed then broken again. Not to be wrong but that is her job, as part of the marketing team to say info of the content. They wanted to implement it because it was a softcore nerf to thralls in the game.db to make a server chug. Also Like I stated a lazy way to optimize a game. Unless the optimize thralls to PROPERLY track, and not just in 90 degree incriments like it is in the baseai config cooked into the game. But you can make them respond more dynamically on private servers if you know where to change those settings. If you are talking to a PR (Public relations) person you will get what you want to hear, apologizes, new content, the few devs that talk to the public are quiet and like to keep it that way, thats why Im a exploit hunter, I find a problem, replicate it, tell them or drop it in a drive file, it gets put into the fix list

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not about you polarbear. point is, people jumped to conclusions, without even knowing how it could be implemented. its best to ask questions, wait for answers , and or look for it at testlive…

for some the world was ending due to the chore of giving them food… yet the dev response make sense. i still believe its a elegant way to get rid of the flying / abandoned thralls…

now think about it, how do you want funcom. to deal with it ?

  1. visit each server and remove the abandoned trhalls manually (not practica)
  2. nuke them with a patch (ok possible but with risks, there is likely that the removal system could take some thralls from an active player. it must be a nightmare to be able to correctly identify which trhalls to remove and which ones should stay. and i can assure you , the complaints will be massive, even some asking for a refund for their “playtime” lost.
  3. add a decay timer, they did it in the form of food. no food from player the thrall is gone.

i do know there are problems, and i do hope they get fixed. noone is saying otherwise. and i still believe the 3 option was the absolute best to deal with the issue.

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yeah I get that but what till we find out what constitutes the result, being in the land claim, on a foundation? the thralls are already tied to building pvp damage. on pve-c servers thralls cant be harmed by other clients since they used to be griefed. so they tied it to building and they forgot to put on a thrall a building timer. something that was needed. But we need to see on testlive. Because Ill probably find MANY things broken with all these new mechanics.

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Continuing the discussion from Weekly Community Newsletter: More Pet News [after 2 edits]:

Those in a pen or crafting station don’t need to be fed.

Look at what we already have in game. Tethering, and proximal-based healing. You come into their area, and your thralls are 100 HP and rising. Why couldn’t either of those in-game mechanics be used to determine the staleness of a thrall? Like if you don’t return to a decayed base they lose X HP over time?

I’m an exploit hunter because I love this game and don’t want bad things used against me or my friends. I’ve done it for other devs before for pay, but nothing has been quite as fulfilling as the smiles and enjoyment of my allies (and enemies lol) in The Exiled Lands over the aquashing of a bug.

That said, I’m also in PR. Any good PR person knows when to claim a reversal and when not to. This is the time to state “we are reversing our position,” if they are indeed reversing it, because otherwise it looks cynical and not just a little bit devious.*

* Thanks @zerog, Just saw Tascha’s retraction, so I guess we’re back to Square 1.

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at the end of the game its about fun, thats why I take a stand on farming for food


I hear you polar bear. I just don’t see running all over the map to feed thralls protecting every base and outpost as increasing my fun factor.

Yea… depending how friggin tedious this is going to be, I’ll hold off on saying Wtf lol. I’m not feeling it right now,only cause I have loads of thralls to defend from the purge,which I need to do…hopefully the food lasts longer than any other food and is easily acquired. Plus the a.o.e. feeder works right…fingers crossed!