Thralls and Lava

Is there a line of code or something that searches for the nearest lava and teleports your thralls into it? I’ve had thralls teleport and die two foundations away from me by this. Its almost funny how accurately they teleport into it in the volcano.:sweat_smile::tired_face:

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There has to be, there’s no other excuse for their suicidal compulsions. >.<

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It happens every time I move more then 10 steps. lol

Or go on an elevator or climb. It has to be some kind of death wish.

Hey, if you got mugged, broken on some wheel of pain, being fed nothing but gruel… then graduate to standing in the same spot for several months, no TV…no iPhone, and be fed nothing but honey without a toothbrush or dental care, I think lava’s the best option at that point.


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