Thralls attack everything, even rabbits and pet cubs

Single player PVE
Either a locally hosted server or single player mode.
No Mods, Occurs in release version and testlive

After latest update thralls attack literally everything that moves. In any mode except “Do Nothing” they will attack gazelles, rabbits, foals, all baby animals and all non-agro NPC. Follower and guarding thralls are affected the same way. Following thralls set to “guard me” will ignore an enemy attacking the PC to run off and kill a rabbit or baby gazelle.

You can direct a following thrall to return and they’ll comeback for about a second, until the bunny twitches his ears.

Switching the thrall in and out of “do nothing” every time you encounter a threat is not practical. Ordering them to attack each individual in a mob less practical. Telling them to stop harassing the fauna every second even less practical.

Thralls were already dumb enough they didn’t need a stupidity buff.

  1. Set a placed thrall to attack all
  2. Bunny strays to close to base
  3. Thrall believes it’s Caerbannog, soils his armor and attacks.

  1. Follower thrall set to guard me
  2. walk past a rabbit
  3. Thrall hurls hurls Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch lighting you and the rabbit on fire.
  4. Giant crock eats you while the thrall roasts the bunny.

  1. Enter Sempermenu with a thrall, set to anything but do nothing
  2. They agro the entire city.
  3. On second thought, let’s not go to Camelot.

:sweat_smile: Winner! Best post of the week!

Truly a pain. On a RP server I am on, someone came to see me at my base. Half my follower jumped over the walls to attack the person and followed toward a world boss. I’d say fun stuff, but they also vaulting over my walls to get the gazelles and rabbits.

You can’t dismount safely now next to someone with a follower without the fear of being murdered by it as soon as you set foot on the ground.

Does anybody know, was the thrall stupidity buff intentional or yet another bug? They mentioned AI changes in the release notes but not that the thralls would be several orders of magnitude stupider.

A lot of this seems related to whatever patching they did in the hotfixes.

Follower Patch - Thralls were stupider than previously, required some explicit directions, but would immediately attack when they were attacked or you were attacked (if set to Guard Me).

Hotfix 1 - Noticeably stupider - had to be commanded to attack every target individually. Here the weapon sheathing and unsheathing became REALLY common. Also, getting stuck in random spots requiring repeated commands to “RETURN” or “MOVE”. Like up from the last patch, say about 5-7 times. A player attacks me, and the thrall proceeds to murder everyone in the Conan Tavern, but doesn’t attack the player stabbing me.

Hotfix 2 - Now they just stood there, even when commanded to attack. Often ran to attack when commanded with “E”, then did nothing. Even when hit, they would go into a combat stance, sometimes just punching the enemy instead of pulling out their weapon, or doing nothing at all other than looking aggressive.

Latest Hotfix - They don’t even respond to “E” anymore. Attacking random critters even when just Guard Me. On attack all they ignore bosses, most skeletons, even after I’ve gotten hit. Randomly, when commanded to attack an NPC and while in combat hitting the NPCs, the NPCs walk back to their spots, the thrall teleports behind you (“Nothing personnel, kid”) and then runs back over to the NPC.

I’m watching all this on official PVP servers, and an unmodded private RP-PVP server. No mods, lots of players (so latency is probably a huge factor in this behavior).

The NPCs are now literally 3x more effective than a thrall, because they finish combos, don’t just randomly sheath their weapons mid-fight, and don’t poof off behind you, allowing that Berserker to get a full combo on you because you’re stuck in his geometry or some garbage.


Emberlight is releasing a update soon:tm: that is supposed to help this. If you aren’t on a server running Emberlight, you’ll just have to wait fir FUNCOM to see what emberlight does to fix it, I guess. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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