Thralls die all by themselves!

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*** My thrall just died, she had a lot of HP and she just died!!! Fix this bug. I think the problem is how it teleports . I have died so 2 strong thralls!

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Hey there,

A console hotfix is planned for next week which adresses issues with thrall behavior on teleport.

For all planned fixes, see

If you could direct me to where I can find pc patches for fixes to the new DLC bed issues, the Dregs Boss, follower health bar or things not fixes with last hotfix please and thank you I do not see any other hot fixes on that list after the console one for week of May 18th.

They were not explicitly mentioned for that patch. Part of those will be adressed in an upcoming hotfix or update though. I’m the only one working on that page, so I try to keep the essentials updated.


my thrall fall from a tree and die =( , she was loaded with a full of stuff and fall in a swamp, i never found the body … lol,

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