Thralls hit by rhinos and launched long distances do not return home

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: east coast US

We have a base north of the Unnamed City, just south of the Den, on the oasis plateau. We have some normal rhinos that spawn as well as the rhino king. When fighting the rhinos, our thralls sometimes get launched into the desert, which is fine and understandable. What’s not fine is that they don’t return home to where I set them to guard, they just stay where they land and “guard” there. Usually I can find them standing in the middle of nowhere, but sometimes I can’t find them anywhere.

No, they’re not under the mesh or stuck in building pieces (can check with a thrall pot) and no they’re not dead (can check with the log). Aside from the thrall limit issue, it also leaves our base unprotected from people dragging the rhino boss into us, or a purge.

I just want them to go back to where I put them, like they’re supposed to.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a fighter thrall on the ground near a rhino spawn
  2. Watch thrall get in fight with rhino
  3. Watch thrall get launched by rhino
  4. Thrall doesn’t return home, just guards where they land

Hey @x7lillies, thank you for pointing this out, we’ll be sure to relay this issue to the team.

Same thing happened to me after a purge on PC. Got a rocknose purge and the boss that showed up was knocking the thralls around like crazy. After it was over though, all those thralls decided to guard the spot they happened to be standing at rather than the spot I told them to guard. Not a huge issue that time since all I had to do was put them back, but I can see how it might end up being really problematic.

Edit: seriously, how does spell check get “alps” out of the word “thralls” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The PROBLEM, is that your thralls are too skinny. So they get tossed around, and dont have the energy to return home. That’s why I feed my guards dragon meat! Now they’re hearty and breathe fire!

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