Thralls in the Vulcano

I just returned to the game and got a question. Do thralls still die when running into lava in the vulcano?
Left behind mine when i went there today for the first time because i don’t have throwaways yes.

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Thralls thrive in lava. They no longer die.


Super thanks for the answer


I still remember being in a 100% flat, straight area in the Volcano and my thrall deciding the best option was to walk away from me and stand in the middle of the lava until death.

I died 3 times recovering the gear.

So glad it’s fixed.

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LOL. Or those time the horse decided to go somewhere else, who knows, and you get the alert it’s dead. It may have been literally right behind you in safety but nope, just ran away and plunged itself into lava.

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