Thralls - Players stopping play, but thralls still there

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Everywhere]

After sometime the ruin system will demolish every base if owner doesnt login and stay near the base.
But when this happens, after base gone, all thralls on that base still ingame.

Probably its one thing which impact on server performance. Some places I can see more than 20 thralls doing…nothing…just there.

As a player I cant do anything because is a Official PVE server. No Admin, no killable thralls by players

Besides server performance with a lot of no-owner thralls, players cant use that place to build as you can see on that screenshot


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Yeah I want to see this fixed as well tired of floating thralls

PS: do buildings also vanish when you have n’t been close to it for a while?

I saw many bases vanished after a few days…

Yeah but by inactive people?
Or also from active people that have n’t been around their old buildings?

Try to pull a wild crocodile to him. :slight_smile:

Yes, that will happen as well.
You will want to visit your buildings when you have multiple and want to keep all of them.

Can’t say because I didnt see.

1 rhino
1 yellow scorpion
1 Kudu

Everything was killed

What worked was the rhino king which took a little time to deal with all of then.
The issue for me was resolved, but the bug isnt and there are places where player can agroo a king to help