Thralls sing into the ground

Serenading the ants?


Because foundations don’t count as surfaces for standing or placing benches, etc. “not enough contact with the ground” right Funcom?

how about when the big dragon hits the thrall with there paws and thrall gets berried and stays half way in the ground till u reset it ?

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Why isn’t this getting any attention? This has been a problem for a very long time.
I’m sick of loading into my base and seeing my thralls cut off at the knees, or even worse the ones that I’ve set to sit down are barely more than a head sticking out of the ground.

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Still no answer from support.
I’m looking forward to the next devstream if problems will be addressed.

They’re probably not singing loud enough :frowning:

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I have this happen on occasion on PlayStation as well. Not sure why it happens.

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