Thralls that are dying for no reason ever since the May 7th update

Game mode: PVP
Problem: Thralls that are dying without getting hit
Region: America

Since the thrall update came out the last 7th of May, my thralls have ven dying just by walking them up to my house, i believe this is some kind of bug that came with the new update that you need to fix as soon as posible because I cant even take mythralls out of my base without them dying, I would appreciate an answer

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Omg is so annoying that happen to me 4 times already, they died for no reason

This is true, it has happened to us as well, thrall damn near died, with 100 hp out of 12,000 left while being attacked by nothing.

Imagine a 18k Health thrall in perfect conditions dying instantly for no reason, I hope they fix this soon.

It’s because the fall damage was increased, they accidentally fall if your base is somewhere high.

To avoid this, make them stop following you before going up and they will come up by themselves later without any damage

But my thralls weren’t in any place high, I am aware of the fall damage but my thralls died while I was completely still or AFK or while I was walking them out of my house which isn’t on a high place.

Try making a temporary lobby outside you base and putting them to protect there… maybe the bug is for some structure inside your base… just guessing though

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