Thralls vs. Poison

Is there any reasonable way to safeguard thralls from poison attacks? Let’s say I want to bring a thrall to help me kill a boss with poison attacks. I can bring a bunch of antidotes for myself, but my thrall is unreasonably vulnerable. I’d like the solution to be “give antidotes to the thrall,” but that seems impractical and unlikely. Are there armors that are good against poison attacks or anything like that?

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There are some cleansing armors and weapons. However I have not tested these on a Thrall. Also these are not instant cure so you might have to test the time it takes to cure poison with and without to be sure. Here are a couple I can think of. I’m not sure about the link for the daggers if it is the correct one. I can’t remember off the top of my head. If you test them let me know if it works.'s_Justice

Daggers might be…'s_Prowl

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BTW, would the effects of the Scorpion Harness and Mitra’s Justice stack?

Do they even work on thralls? And what does it matter if the thrall is poisoned anyway? :smiley:

Good questions, both. Sandstorm mask works on thralls against poison gas (and Lifeblood Spear heals them), so other armor and weapon bonuses may work, too.

But I’ve taken a high-tier thrall to fight King Scorpions and Big Snakes many times, and the amount of damage they take from poison is trivial with their hitpoints.

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I don’t think they stack per-say as in cure more poison faster. They are set to a timer to cure so maybe they would cure faster because of they could potentially be curing at different times.

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I think last time I took a thrall to fight a big snake (specifically the one in the Citadel of the Triumvirate) it was a T3, which I now realize was probably insufficient. Anyhow I think that covers all my questions, thanks guys!

I tested with my Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker just now. Equipped her with Scorpion Harness. She was still able to be poisoned by the environment and by poisoned daggers. There appears to be nothing that protects a thrall against poison arrows, though. So if you happen to poison one of them with friendly fire, keep Healing Arrows handy.

I never admit to friendly fire on my thralls. I just look at them and say “You know what you did when I logged off!” :slight_smile:

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So I just did some testing with the Scorpion Harness and it does work on thralls the same way it works on a player. Every 30 seconds it cures poison. I used snake arrows and stacked 10 on the thrall continued shooting and once every 30 seconds the stack disappeared and the process of poisoning had to start over from zero.

It may not be the solution you were looking for.


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