3 skull snake in purge

I handled it with the loss of only 4 thralls using poison arrows, but wondered if there were a faster way of defeating him, since I expect more.

Arrows bounce off of the skin (I can see the ricochet), the thralls did not know what to do since they could not penetrated his ‘skin’ so stood there as cannon fodder.

Unfortunately I killed the first two waves too fast, triggering the boss and plan to slow that down. Funcom help me if I get two of them.

Anyone have better ideas?



We got three one time (while we were in the middle of a war lol). They are probably one of the most time consuming purge kills. They stack poison really quick. Just need High Level Fighters to go to town on it.

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With what weapons, What?



legendaries…alot of legendary 2 H, pop poison on them. A few with daggers and poison. get the bleed going is best thing i can say. Firespark Arrows (the ones that don’t bounce off) for archers will stack 20 bleed really quick. Maybe some Snake Arrows to do direct poison instead of gas.

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Thank you for the suggestions, very helpful! The only one I would avoid is using archer thralls, since mine are usually equipped with bats and all melee. For the previous encounter, they had midgrade swords.



My way of dealing with three-skull snakes is trying to intercept it before it aggroes my thralls. The base where I get snake purges is at Camp 23, so my thralls there tend to be named Exile fighters who are more for decoration and less for combat, but still annoying to replace.

So when I see a Very Big Snake approaching, I rush at it with my actual pro fighting thrall (a legacy Captain or Bandit Leader or a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker) in flawless Epic heavy armor and a Telith’s Sorrow or similar weapon. I shoot an arrow at the big snake, which tells my thrall to go kill it. Then I switch to daggers and bleed/poison the snake to help my thrall. A 7000+ Hp thrall in Epic Heavy shouldn’t die even if he/she gets a full stack of poison.

The real risk to my life are the smaller snakes who gang up on me, so I may need to focus on wiping them out before going for the boss snake. But I tend to run a Survival 40 build these days, so I’m immune to poison, making the little ones less dangerous.

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Thanks, Kapoteeni, that helps. We wiped our servers and I lost 3 Seeker Iris’ in flawless epic heavy and at 9900 hp that hurt. I’m back to 2700ish with Mai.

In my situation, the attacks are channelled towards my base, atop the Pagoda peak, a very good way to use poison arrows. So, with a perch, I see the mobs a fair bit away and bunched up. Two poison arrows kills the entire mob. I shot too early and should have let the purge drag on.

Still, I don’t have a good thrall tank, but am willing to sacrifice a few to get the bleed going. That may be the key, poison and bleed with a tank (that dies), then another tank, and at least I get the armor and legendary weapon back unscathed. Actually, I could use three, one with sunder, one with the Daggers of Dagon and one with the poison daggers (name forgotten). I wonder if the poison from the daggers stacks with the poison arrows?

Regardless, I plan to put his thing in the dirt, just trying to figure out the fastest way to do it.



Well, besides of their HP, they are not that good…

Normal volcano or relic hunter faction fighters are stronger in dmg output, but only have 7425hp.

Be careful with daggers on thralls, as they some times like to be a 5 year old and show you the neat cartwheels they can do over and over again.


give them epic heavy armours(greatly reduces dmg taken) and equip them with a mix of two handed swords and warhammers… especially now that the defend action in 2h sword is an attack they only attack on it and never kick! warhammers have great armour penetration which helps a lot and i have found they work great combined with 2h swords! i never used anything else on a thrall with exception being Danlisia (she is great with a black ice broad sword or a truncheon)

carefull to test each thrall on any enemy (even low ones) so u will be sure they will attack and not just stand!

Good point, What, TY. As far as holding agro, that one is out, but if they keep bleed stacks on, I’m good with it.

@jot29, you have really sparked an interest in me. Other than the food buff, I had always considered all thralls have equal damage output. You are saying that is not true. Are you dataming, as @Multigun is so good at? Is it experience, as Spartan could potentially show in a video? The third thing that comes to mind is the long-lived ‘I ain’t gonna help you no more’ bug avoidance?



I would have to data mine to be sure, but:
I had a google doc at one time that showed the entire data sets for thralls. But could never figure some of the numbers out as far as what they controlled. I think it works like this as far dmg out put: The tier of thralls is the only thing that has different. The weapon adds on to that. so a T4 from the Volcano has as much damage output as a T4 from the noob river if you give them the same weapon. Their HP’s are different only. The reason they hit you when they are NPC’s at different strengths is the weapons the use as an NPC, not their spawn location.

That was my ‘opinion’ also. Could we have another hidden factor that controls damage output based on thrall internal specs?

Interesting if true, but I have not experienced it. I also try to keep an open mind :slight_smile:



Nope… No need for data-mining, we already have AngryBull

Skip to 2:10 for a list of all his tested thralls.

And if you want other thralls tested, write it on him at Youtube (and sub to him).

The dancers were tested on my suggestion, because I found some with 7425hp… Didnt even know you cannot heal them.

@WhatMightHaveBeen It seems thralls make dmg paired to their faction. He made several videos with some other T4 fighters. Even one with 1skull (there are several roaming around in the exiles land which have 1skull and can be enslaved).
Cannibal brute is far worse than volcano or cimmerian/forgotten tribe fighters.

Conspiration time & IMHO:
When the buffed the volcano and relic-hunter fighters to 7425hp, they also buffed the dmg (and nerfed bearer dmg), but forgot purge fighter thralls…

Because the hardest to get fighters are worse than normal fighters? Really? I think Funcom just forgot it or were lazy :smiley:


Interseting. Relic hunters and cimmerians and beastmasters are all same faction. OR at least same dmg tier. I will look at the numbers i have pulled, and see if i corrolate whichc ones make this make sense.

Damn fine testing, and quite recent. Yes, ents and pets ignore the healing effect from the arrows. To your knowledge, were any of these fed prior to the fights?

I seem to remember a nerf to the damage output of the bearers, so it would seem there is a damage output modifier available to the devs. The Sword of Crom nerf was appropriate, but implemented in a completely different manner.

Personally, I find this quite convincing, but that’s just MHO.

Regards, and thanks for sharing the video.


In the video you will see some purge fighters, which are weaker than the normal fighters.

Esz of the Brood = volcano.
And some other thrall from forgotten tribe.

@Jim1 I think no one was feeded. For sure not with the right food, as you see a buff Icon.
But ask him in the comments…

See the fist at the left side of the health bar?

Duh, I am accustomed to watch for that, but not in a video. Thanks for the response and clarification.



Hey @Jim1 it’s Spartan from discord. Thrall damage is linked to their HP with the exception of Bearers who were scaled back after becoming Demi gods. I don’t know the exact equation and I have not data mined the info myself.

As far as your purge I’d be interested to know…

  1. How many fighter thralls had access to the snake?
  2. What equipment they had. Basics no need to be crazy in depth.
  3. Was your engagement limited to shooting with arrows?

I can certainly put the giant snake on the list for video death. However I’m toying with the idea of forcing purges in solo and making defense videos so it may end up being in that instead.

Thanks, Spartan, that’s quite an offer. As to your questions:
7-8 thralls, all with medium grade swords
All I did was keep the snake poisoned from a safe perch :blush:

There were a mixture of 2s and 3s because I was keeping my 4s away from the fight. Would rather he took a couple of T3 foundations while I poisoned him. Oddly enough, the only ones that died were 3s. The 2s went unscathed.

All were dressed in looted Lemurian armor. I took @jot29’s suggestion and have three Cimmerian Berserkers in the wheel now with a T4 taskmaster, so tomorrow certainly. Awaiting a fourth spawn to fill the wheel.

As someone said … I have a vision



Edited PS: and now the wheel is full, can go back to piddly stuff.