Tierra Nueva DnD - RP, Dice PvP

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====================== Ahoy, landlubbers and seawolves alike! ======================

I’m honoured to invite you, enjoyers of RP, to get interested with a new Conan Exiles server set in Forgotten Realms - highly inspired by D&D 3.5 and to a lesser extent by D&D 5.0 iteration. :dragon_face:

  • We’re playing on Vidal, a wild island located in Nelanther somewhere in the Trackless Sea!
  • The year is 1489 DR and time progression is live: experience evolving setting!
  • You can choose one of numerous races, 12 classes, total of 49 subclasses and 7 professions!

Choosing a place to play is surely an important decision, sometimes: arduous, so let me make it tad easier for you, pointing out the strong sides of our upcoming project!

1/ Tierra Nueva bases conflict resolution solely on Dice (RPR) System.

  • There are no elements of PvE/PvP that are pushed through mechanical means; we have our own system coded through amazing RPR that strives to rewrite Tabletop D&D into CE environment. Nothing is based on ability to move your mouse quickly, it’s all about strategy!

2/ Our server minimises routine tasks and allows the Player to focus on having fun.

  • TN’s profession system doesn’t require you to run around or talk to NPCs to complete any daily quests. Instead, we base our system on /kits that allow you to claim your daily haul and engage into crafting/trade with other players right away, saving your precious time.

3/ Tierra Nueva has a powerful progression system that isn’t locked by discretionary decisions.

  • You are able to advance in your profession/class as high as to mastery/ability to cast level 7 spells (per D&D). During our Betatesting, to make sure everything is checked well enough, we put a lock on advancement to Adept (level 2/3 spells), but upon finishing this phase - your Player Character’s true potential will be revealed! All’s done through RPR and scripts!

4/ We do not believe in story wipes - everything is here to stay.

  • Perhaps you’re tired by the approach that implies story wipes are necessary or they bring something to the table? We surely are on Tierra Nueva. We aren’t planning any story wipes ever, instead: we plan to allow our players to play as one or many different characters over a longer span of time. We do not cross out the need for mechanical wipes for the sake of server stability (perhaps on patch days), but no Player Character progress is to be ever lost.

5/ Tierra Nueva strives to gather a wonderful community of players - free of prejudice and hostility.

  • Our approach is simple: Staff is there to help the players. Period. Since we’re putting our best /ourselves/ into the project, we do expect the community to be friendly and helpful - and are of the opinion that it is a necessity to build a project that’d work long-term and gather attention.

6/ The rates? The necessity for building materials?

  • Every player starts at max level, is given a construction hammer and a building kit - rates for thirst/hunger are as low as possible - you can fill them by clicking a button in RPR. Simple, right? It’s unnecessary to bother yourself with the mechanical side of the game on TN!

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If I’ve convinced you to give us a chance and observe how things are going on, that’s great - if not, perhaps you’d like to take a look yourself? Here’s a few links to satisfy your interest, lore materials available as well:

Come on and join us on Tierra Nueva! The only person we need is you! :man_mage:

I’m very proud to announce that our Beta release date has been established - Whitelists will be available since 17th of September and the server will open to all whitelisted characters on 23rd of September. The adventure on Vidal will soon start!

We are now live in betatesting! :white_heart: Many months of our work allowed us to come to this place. You are all welcome to join us in this adventure!

Although there’s much to fix, re-do and improve, we felt that it’s the right moment to let others help us, and that together we can create a truly unique server!

First week of Tierra Nueva’s Betatesting has passed - with countless bugfixes, first official events and with our numbers constantly growing. We have passed the threshold of 100 players on our Discord, and we’re doing our best to make these numbers grow. :fireworks:

Our small Team is constantly working to make the server experience satisfying for everyone involved. We firmly believe that TN can be place for you as well.

Join us, let’s explore Faerun together!

Worth stopping by. Staff’s helpful and you can’t find the usual attitude that circles around Conan’s RP Community. If you’re wondering if you should click, do it. :blush:

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We have had an influx of awesome folks here on Tierra Nueva! Our Discord server is bustling with activity, and we strive to offer frequent updates on the state of things as well as constantly fix any kind of bugs and errors on our side.

Accept our heartfelt invitation to join us! :white_heart:

Things are happening here, on Tierra Nueva!

… and if you’d like to become part of the happenings, join us! Simple as that! :dragon_face:

Some more screen-news from Tierra Nueva! Things are happening - join us! :heart:

Small bump! Check us out! :dragon_face:

Hey there, Conan Exiles Roleplayers!

During this mod struggle, we’re crossing fingers for Tot Custom’s quick return - as we are great fans of it here on Tierra Nueva!

Nonetheless, for the period of long wait we have decided to switch to Improved Quality of Life - to ensure everybody can log in and experience their roleplay adventures.

Don’t wait, join us today! :man_mage:

Did you ever want to play an Ogre in Forgotten Realms setting?
An adventurous Halfling perhaps?
Or did you fancy immersing yourself as a proud Sun Elf?

Well, you can do all that on Tierra Nueva - and with time, we are adding more races to accomodate with player interests. Come and see for yourself!

Currently, a lottery is taking place on Tierra Nueva - for the next two weeks Whitelisted active players gather tickets for the draw of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous!
Join us to have a chance to win - and have a lot of fun with your fellow Roleplayers!

Have you given our Website a good look? Do so! We’re working tirelessly to update its contents and add new, interesting features to it!

The graphics have been prepared by the usage of generative AI and adjusted to our needs - it comes without saying that we take pride in it on Tierra Nueva. :dragon_face:

Have a look at some of them!

Many more are waiting for your attention. Join us on Tierra Nueva -
with a chance to win Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous!

Wandering the wilds might lead you to places unusual on Tierra Nueva -

As new NPCs were added performing the role of traders in Cala Lugubre - and numerous spots on the map were polished, just waiting for players’ attention: let me renew my invitation to join us on Tierra Nueva!

The lottery’s live, and each day increases chances of those online between 11 pm and 12 pm GMT+1 to win Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. :white_heart:

Our Server Codex is getting updates with new incoming functionalities - as we embrace weekend, hopefully one full of plays! Take your time to explore Tierra Nueva during coming spooky season! :ghost:

We’re planning further happenings as well, with interesting activities for our players scheduled for November!

We are still searching for eager players to join Tierra Nueva’s ranks!

Are you searching for a chill place to enjoy yourself with friends?
Perhaps just to immerse yourself in that D&D atmosphere? :dragon_face:
Or - were you just eager to play with your other half in peace?

Well, I believe we can be a good choice for you! Check us out!

Rejoice! Tot ! Custom is back - and we were fast to re-add it on Tierra Nueva.

You can return to your wondrous character-creations. Can’t wait to see you here!

A bump! Come and check us out. :dragon_face: