Time to reuvmap. Color zones

Was dying the zamorian thief armor and tripped over the bad texture map; in my opinion bad. I was already aggravated because I couldn’t find the right dye color to match the sand stone, so got real aggrieved when i couldn’t dye it the way i wanted.

This one and the hyperborean slaver are ones I use quite a bit and it’s aggravating that not only are the dye zones bad, they are worse on the female version. I know there are other armors that have had bad dye zones/texture mapping, since they were released, but I can’t recall them at the moment :flushed: And I am sure the new ones have issues as well but old dog. I haven’t tried any of the new; age of sorcery, armors. Maybe if I didn’t have to make them or google to see what their bonuses were…

I’m hoping the community can help fill in this list so the Funcom texture artists have something to do while Funcom does that 30 day QoL update. hint :knot: :anchor:

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