Timers not ticking in while offline

Game mode: [Online | PVP]
Problem: [Misc]

Not sure if this is a bug, or by design, but I’m playing on a server where character does not exist when logged off; (removed from world or whatever) and it appears that all of the timers seem to stop as well when offline.

Example: Have Rocknose Eggs in wooden box, has 20 hours left to expiration when I log off at 9:00pm. Log in the following day at 7:00PM and Egg Timers still show 20 hours left to expiration.

Is that a bug? Or is that always the case when you are removed from world when offline?

I’ve never played on a server with those settings. My guess is that you are on a private server (not official). If that’s the case I would suggest looking at the server tab under settings and see if the decay rate slider is turned up or down it could just be a setting on the server you’re playing on.

I’ll look at that, but the decay slider being higher or lower would likely still burn at an even rate be it faster or slower… which is to say, it shouldn’t stop entirely or “pause” while offline

Yeah you’re right but it could also be turned off entirely.

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