Tip for getting 3440x1440 resolution to work

First of all, bear with me if that has been already posted somehow (i didn’t find any hints) or if its common clue to get it running…

Short backstory:
My new monitor just arrived yesterday and ofc i want to get AO running on it on its native resolution, which is 3440x1440.
After trying different settings with the AO launcher, i came to the conclusion that AO does not support the newer widescreen resolutions, or at least i could not get it to work.
Highest resolution which worked was 1920x1440, higher ones quietly did not launch at all.

So after searching the net i came across a github project called “dxwrapper”, which has possibly everything you would every want for older directx games (AO old client utilizes the directx7 framework).

https://github.com/elishacloud/dxwrapper and check out “Releases” for the latest dxwrapper.zip release.
unpack it wherever you want.
copy the dxwrapper.dll and the dxwrapper.ini files from the unpacked file to the AO root directory.
also copy the ddraw.dll from the “Stub” directory of the unpacked file to your AO root directory.
then open the dxwrapper.ini and modify the following lines:

  1. in [General] you can set “DisableLogging” to 1. (set it to 0 if you want possible hints if errors occurs)

  2. in [Compatibility] you set “DDrawCompat” to 1.

  3. in [Compatibility] you set “DisableGameUX” to 1.

  4. in [DDrawCompat] you set “DDrawCompatNoProcAffinity” to 1.

  5. no other change is needed

  6. save the file

  7. start AO and set your native resolution in the settings and launch the game.

if everything works out, you should be able to run AO at your monitor’s native resolution, even if it’s some 21:9 widescreen monitor.

to “uninstall” dxwrapper, just delete the above mentioned files from your AO root directory (dxwrapper.dll, dxwrapper.ini, ddraw.dll)

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Use the AOAI program

not only does it work on keeping a check on inventory it also allows the old client to use newer res to support monitors and also works when you have multiple monitors

so far the biggest I have gone is 2560+3440+2560x1440

Yep that’s one big screen

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